Bioprocessing Equipment/Instruments

Single-Use Sanitary Pumps

Disposable process equipment has seen dramatic growth in the past few years, as drug manufacturers adopt single-use systems to reduce cleaning, sterilization and their associated validation costs. Pumpling has become a very sensitive pharmaceutical component […]

Chromatography and Purification

Empty Columns and Customized Columns

Chromatography columns and systems are critical factors to the successful downstream purification of valuable biopharmaceutical molecules. Empty columns are available from several suppliers in standard and customized formats from lab scale to pilot and large […]

Chromatography and Purification

Chromatography Support Systems

Chromatography support systems including both hardwares and softwares are another critical piece to enable the column function and performance. A system that offers a large number of features, provide high flexibility, built with user friendly […]

Chromatography and Purification

Prepacked Columns and Single-Use Columns

Large-scale, prepacked chromatography columns come ready for clinical or commercial manufacturing use from a number of vendors, and they represent a growing trend in the biopharmaceutical industry. Replacing traditional self-packed glass or stainless steel columns, they […]

Chromatography and Purification

Chromatography Membranes and Adsorbers

Membrane Chromatography is a bioseparation technology to purify proteins of interest from process related impurities, it is based on the integration of membrane filtration and liquid chromatography into a single-stage operation. In membrane chromatography, the […]

Chromatography and Purification

Continuous Chromatography

Biologics (e.g., monoclonal antibodies and vaccines) downstream purification manufacturing processes typically include 2 to 3 chromatography steps for capture, intermediate purification, and polishing. Downstream processing is often recognized as the bottleneck of manufacturing, characterized by […]

Chromatography and Purification

Mutimodal or Mixed-Mode Chromatography

Multimodal or mixed-mode chromatography is based on media supports that have been functionalized with ligands capable of multiple modes of interaction including ion exchange, hydroxyapatite, affinity, size exclusion, and hydrophobic interactions. Mixed-mode media can reduce […]

Chromatography and Purification

Chromatography Media

Liquid chromatography (LC) methods are based upon exploiting the physical and chemical properties of the target substance and the properties of other substances in the sample solution. Molecules of interest in the mobile phase are […]

Filters and Filter Assemblies

Filter Housing and Equipment

As the biopharmaceutical industry filter products evolves and matures, so do the materials and designs of filter housing and peripheral equipment. Sanitary filter housing has tranditionally been built of 316L or 304L stainless steel, typical […]

Filters and Filter Assemblies

Viral Filtration

Biopharmaceutical manufacturing using mammalian cell culture must have processes in place to minimize the likelihood of virus contaimination and demonstrate the virus removal capabilities. Regulatory authorities expect purification processes to include multiple steps with complementary, […]