Aseptic Liquid Filling

A key aspect of biomanucatuirng is to deliver sterile, safe and potent products to the patient. Aseptic Filling is one of the final steps and most critical processes in biopharmaceutical manufacturing, due to its highly technique driven processes and the potential safety impact to the patients. Any failure from this point can potentially lead to product misformulation, contamination or improper packaging, resulting in safety issues, production failures and loss of expensive product. Single-use aseptic filling products give customers a fully disposable option that eliminates the risk of cross contamination and reduces the cost of cleaning and documentation at all levels of pharmaceutical production. They are designed to bring sterility, automation, and cost effectiveness to the fill and finish segment of the biopharmaceutical industry, especially when filling small batches. These features bring them advantages over traditional hard piped systems with piston pumps that require complex cleaning validation.

Bosch Packging Technology PreVAS Single-Use Dosing Systems

The PreVAS family of aseptic single-use dosing systems by Bosch is a new dosing system technology. PreVAS stands for “pre-Validated”, “pre-Assembled” and “pre-Sterilized”, more information can be found in PreVAS Single-Use Dosing Systems

Watson-Marlow Flexicon aseptic liquid filling  

asepticSU™ is a sterile, single-use fluid path designed for aseptic filling. It is used in combination with Flexicon filling machines and helps eliminate the risk of contamination in high purity filling applications.  Flexicon capabilities include modular liquid filling solutions for flexible small batch filling applications, and OEM peristaltic fillers for integration into filling lines. Selected products include Flexicon Filling Equipment,OEM filling units for intensive use , Fully automatic filling and capping for production , Fully automatic filling and capping for small batch production , Semi-automatic filling and capping, Semi-automatic filling, Single-use fluid paths for Flexicon fillers , Filling and capping accessories, Tabletop capping units, Dispensing pumps.

Pall Corporation Formulation and Filling Solutions  

Pall’s formulation and filling solutions ensure that manual interventions are minimized and increased sterility assurance is achieved. Using the Allegro™ range of technologies including Allegro™ programme and Pall sterilizing grade filter, a complete single-use flow path is possible that allows end users to create more flexible multiproduct manufacturing facilities.  Allegro™ Bioprocessing Workstations provide filling, Filtration, Formulation, Fractionation, Harvesting, Polishing, Prefiltration, Purification, Recovery, Separation, Stabilization, Storage, Transfer, Filtration. Featured sterile filling products include Pyrofree Glass Vials and single-use complete final filling systems and needles

Optima Group Pharma Sterile Filling

Optima Pharma offers an innovative machine program for filling and packaging sterile liquids and powders in disposable syringes, vials, infusion bottles and capules. Isolators and freeze-dry systems complement the portfolio. Click links of Sterile filling, Isolator / RABS and Nonsterile filling for more details.

Overlook Industries OneShot™ Single-Use Needles  

Overlook Industries, Inc. supplies OneShot™ single-use filler needles that offer great filling speed, precision and accuracy. The Freedom Filler™ Kits include all necessary components of the fluid path and can be provided particulately cleaned, multi-bagged and gamma sterilized per customer requirements.

Cole-Parmer Disposable Filler Nozzle 

Cole-Parmer single-use and disposable technology product lines offer disposable filler nozzle with SS needles and Polycarbonate bases of different sizes. More products may found at Cole-Parmer Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry Products.

Mystic Pharmaceuticals Aseptic Manufacturing 

Mystic Pharmaceuticals provide Delivery Platforms, Unit Dose Containers, Drug Product Integration, Aseptic Manufacturing, Adherence Packaging, Mystic Value Add, etc.  

Sartorius FlexAct MF Manifold Filling

FlexAct® MF is an automated system for single-use manifold bag filling at development or production scales.  The system combines high accuracy and reproducible filling, with automatically-generated batch record and individual bag label for traceability.  FlexAct® MF is available in horizontal bag version and vertical version. Also see Data sheet FlexAct® MF and Video FlexAct® MF

Thermo Fisher Scientific Precise Filling System

The semi-automatic Thermo Scientific Precise™ Single-use filling system employs single-use bioprocess containers and tubing assemblies to create a clean, efficient method of filling.  The filling line can be configured and customized to attach to any fluid source, such as a single-use mixer, or holding tanks. The Precise™ single-use filling system is a platform to fill single-use BPCs for a variety of applications.  The BPCs and fill connectors can be configured to unique requirements, and the equipment has been developed to accommodate precise, semi-automatic filling withing a weight scale and terminal.

PDC Aseptic Filling Systems

PDC Aseptic Filling Systems specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative filling solutions for biopharmaceutical products. PDC’s technology allows for single-use aseptic filling at a significant savings compared to manifold filling. Aseptic filling systems are available for bags, carboys, drums and loss-in-weight fillers. PDC’s disposable filling lines offer single use non-contact aseptic filling that can be custom designed for a variety of biopharmaceutical filling applications.