Aseptic Connection and Disconnection

Single-Use Aseptic Connectors

Sterile connection are critical requirements in any aseptic process operations. The benefits of using pre-sterilized single-use systems can only be realized when the products and components can provide safely and securely connection for fluid handling […]

Cleanroom Supplies

Other Cleanroom Consumables and Sterilization Products

Cleanroom technology can be categorized as equipment and consumables. Consumables occupies a larger number, they are cheaper and do not involve installation and maintenance cost.  Essentra porous Technology Cleanroom Wipes Cardical Health First Aids Thomas […]

Cleanroom Supplies

Safety Apparels and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Contamination levels in bioprocessing must be closely monitored and controlled to ensure product quality and protect production personnel safety from hazardous components. Cleanroom supplies such as cleanroom apparels and equipment are designed to improve the […]

Bioprocessing Equipment/Instruments

Pressure Control and Regulation

Pressure needs to be regulated and controlled throughout the entire bioprocessing steps, including filtration, bioreactors, and chromatography applications. The pressure regulators in operation is usually comprised of a valve for pressure reducing or restrictive element, […]

Bioprocessing Equipment/Instruments

Temperature Regulators and Fluid Handling Accessories

Many accessories are available in current market to support the function and performance of single-use systems. For examples, heat exchangers use stainless steel plates to regulate single-use bags. The bags provide the sterile, isolated flow […]