Chromatography Media

Liquid chromatography (LC) methods are based upon exploiting the physical and chemical properties of the target substance and the properties of other substances in the sample solution. Molecules of interest in the mobile phase are separated based on their differing physicochemical interaction with the stationary and mobile phases. Commonly used chromatography techniques include: size exclusion chromatography or SEC (i.e., gel filtration), ion exchange chromatography (AEX or CEX), hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC), reversed phase chromatography (RPC), and affinity chromatography such as protein A chromatography.  A wide range of chromatography media and systems are available in today’s market at all scales of purification from research to process scale, providing improved binding capacity, excellent chemical resistance, greater selectivity and faster mass transfer. In particular, Many synthetic resin products are designed with specific physical and chemical functions, they have been used in many areas such as adsorption and reversed phase chromatography, ion exchange chromatography, deslting, solid phase extraction, etc.

ABT Agrose Bead Technologies Affinity Chromatography  

Agrose Bead Technologies (ABT) offers chromatography products include Size Exclusion Chromatography, Ion Exchange Chromatography , Affinity Chromatography , Affinity Coupling , Electrophoresis, and Accessories.

Bio-Rad Process Separation Resins

Bio-Rad process Separation Resin Products include Ion Exchange Resins, Mixed-Mode Resins, Affinity Resins, Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography Resins, and Size Exclusion Resins. The Chromatography Resin Screening Tools can select right resin for the customer purification goals. 

Pall Chromatography Media  

Pall offers a comprehensive, versatile and environmentally-friendly range of chromatography sorbents that greatly simplifies protein purification challenges from lab to process scale.  Pall chromatography sorbents can improve the downstream purification accuracy, speed, safety, reliability, and decrease purification cost. Sorbent chemistries include: Ion Exchange, Mixed Mode, Hydroxyapatite, Affinity, Solvent-detergent Removal.

GE Columns and Media  

GE Healthcare Life Science provide a range of chromatography media and systems cover several different types of liquid chromatography at all scales of purification from research to process-scale. Products categories include Affinity Chromatography, Antibody Affinity Chromatography, Chromatofocusing, Gel Filtration/Size Exclusion Chromatography, Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography, Ion Exchange Chromatography, Multimodal Chromatography, Reversed Phase Chromatography

ThermoFisher Chromatography and Protein Purification  

Thermo Scientific™ has developed a broad portfolio of purification products for large scale purification of various biologics.  Large-Scale Process Chromatography have Protein A Chromatography Resins , Cation Exchange Resins , Anion Exchange Resins , Antibody Derived Therapeutics and custom chromatography services. For examples, POROS™ bulk chromatography resins are commonly used for process-scale bioseparations; CaptureSelect™ affinity products offer selectivity, high yield, and improved purity for primary capture and high-performance polishing with a robust analytical tool set for characterization and detection of biological compounds (also see CaptureSelect™ affinity resins). In addition, ThermoFisher offers custom ligand and resin discovery programs for customer unique separation needs.

Tosoh Process Media   

Tosoh process media products include Cation Exchange, Anion Exchange, Hydrophobic Interaction, Mixed-Mode, Affinity, Size Exclusion, Hydroxyapatite, and Protein A Resins. Tosoh also offers column accessories and standards include HPLC Columns Accessories, GPC Systems Accessories, Process Development Accessories, Standards.

Repligen Downstream Solutions  

Repligen downstream solution products OPUS® Pre-packed Chromatography Columns, Protein A Affinity Resins, and Protein A Ligands.

Dow Ion Exchange Resins

Dow Ion Exchange Resins come in a variety of chemical compositions, polymer structures, and particle sizes. Ion Exchange Resin examples for healthcare applications include Amberchrom™ Chromatography Resins, Amberlite™ Ion exchange Resin and polymeric adsorbents, and DOWEX™ Ion Exchange Resins. 

Resindion S.R.L. ReliSorb™ Resins 

Resindion S.R.L. ( a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation), offers a wide range of hydrophilic highly porous polymeric functionalized resins, including Ion Exchange Resins, Hyrophobic Interaction Chromatography, and Affinity Chromatography. Also see Relisorb™ Product Line Brochure and Material Support File

SEPRAGEN Chromatography Resins  

Sepragen Sepraflo resins consist of macroporous beads that are rigid and can withstand pressures in excess of 500 psi. The resins are made of a hydrophilic copolymer of glycidyl methacrylate which is used predominantly in making contact lenses. The Sepraflo resins are available in both a strong cation exchange ( Sepraflo S resin)or sulpho propyl chemistry and a strong anion exchange quaternary amino ethyl chemistry.

Triskem Resins and Accessories  

Triskem Resin products include Extraction Chromatographic Resins, Specialty Ion Exchange Resins, and Analytical Grade Ion Exchange Resins. Also see Triskem Extraction Chromatography Technical Documentation

Purolite® Life Science Praesto® Brand Products 

Purolite provides two types of chromatography resins-Agrose Resin and Synthetic resins. Agrose resin products include Praesto media that is made of highly cross-linked agarose base matrix, has a porosity and pore structure ideal for high-performance protein chromatography. Praesto® products include gel filtration chromatography resins, ion exchange chromatography resins, and protein A chromatography resins in bulk and pre-packed formats (see Praesto Chromatography guide). Synthetic resins inlude Chromalite® chromatography resins for different applications as analytical, preparative and industrial chromatography or other applications like Solid Phase Extraction and calibration. Chromalite® resins are available as  non functionalised to be used as adsorbents and in reverse phase mode or functionalised with ion exchange groups for ion exchange chromatography or desalting.