Chromatography Membranes and Adsorbers

Membrane Chromatography is a bioseparation technology to purify proteins of interest from process related impurities, it is based on the integration of membrane filtration and liquid chromatography into a single-stage operation. In membrane chromatography, the ligand is covalently attached onto a membrane material, the pore size of the membranes is larger than chromatography beads thus enabling capture and polishing at much higher flow rates. Membrane chromatography can be an advantageous alternative for traditional packed-bed resin chromatography in multipurpose production lines, advances in recent membrane chemistry also enable the membranes with high binding capacities and improved mass transfer properties, significantly increasing the bioprocessing purification efficiency. Due to the disposable nature, low buffer consumption, and reduced equipment costs, membrane chromatography are now increasingly adopted in purification processes to reduce downstream bioprocessing costs. However, membrane chromatography is relatively new, the choice between packed bed and membrane chromatography requires careful analysis and will always be case-dependent.

GE Healthcare Life Sciences Chromatography Membranes 

ReadyToProcess Adsorber product line includes single-use membranes for ion exchange (IEX) or hydrophobic interaction (HIC) chromatography. ReadyToProcess Adsorber membranes offer short preparation times without the need for column packing and testing. Products include ReadyToProcess Adsorber Q, ReadyToProcess Adsorber S, ReadyToProcess Adsorber Phen, PreDictor ReadyToProcess Adsorber Q, PreDictor ReadyToProcess Adsorber S, PreDictor ReadyToProcess Adsorber Phen

PALL Chromatography

Pall provides chromatographic purification products are in operation in many downstream biopharmaceutical processes. Chromatography sorbents with unique selectivities for targeted applications; AcroPrep™ ScreenExpert Plates and ScreenExpert RoboColumns for high throughput chromatography sorbent screening and optimization, and Mustang® ion exchange membrane devices are available in single- and multi-use formats.

Sartorius Membrane Chromatography   

Membrane Chromatography Product Sartobind® IEX membranes are macroporous cellulose membranes carrying IEX ligands for the separation and purification of proteins. The membrane adsorbers feature short cycle times and exceptionally high flow rates and throughput.  Lear More

Upfront Rhobust® Adsorbent

Rhobust® Adsorbents are purpose-designed, the basic Rhobust® Adsorbent consists of spherical beads with an agarose outer shell and a tungsten carbide core. The beads are small and have high process flow rates. Learn More>>