Control or Supporting Systems

Biopharamceutical processes are complex and can only be relized through realiable control and supporting systems thorugh different phases of commercialization, i.e., process and product development, process and product characterization, process validation and routine manufacturing.

Sartorius FlexAct® System

FlexAct® is a new system that enables custom-configure single-use solutions for entire biomanufacturing steps. The FlexAct® system consists of the central operating module that offers the wide variety of configuration options so curstomer can take complete control of practically any steps in upstream and downstream processing. Sartorius Stedim Biotech presents the FlexAct® CDS configurable disposable solutions for buffer preparation (BP), cell harvest (CH), virus inactivation (VI), media preparation (MP), virus removal (VR), manifold (MF) and bag tester (BT). Next in line are UF | DF crossflow (UD), polishing (PO), form | fill (FF) and form | transfer (FT).

PendoTech Process Control Systems  

PendoTECH Process control systems are available for complex process monitoring/control/data acquisition solutions. Standard systems include a Cross Flow Filtration TFF Process Control System,  a Filter Screening/Sizing System (NFF), a Virus-Depth Filtration System , and a Bioreactor Process Control System. These systems have complex software that integrates the sensors and other devices such as pumps, scales, probes and many more for complete process control versus process monitoring alone. PendoTECH Process Control Systems for process development design of experiments and critical operations. In addition, PendoKIT Customized Systems  are specialized data acquisition solutions to meet unique customer process requirements.

Pall Corporation Automated Single-Use System Solutions     

Pall offers automated systems to facilitate use and adoption for single-use processing. A fully automated single-use Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) System can be used for running UF/DF with control and monitoring of key process parameters.  Allegro CM150 System is a manual system with all the critical single-use sensors for running UF/DF processes. Allegro MVP system is a fully automated bioprocessing system to provide flexibility and improved productivity.

Finesse Single-Use Bioreactor Systems 

SmartController™ systems is highly configurable and easily adapted to both cell culture and fermentation applications. By leveraging SmartParts™ components, all G3™ bioreactor systems have the intelligence and flexibility required to optimize process. The G3 control platform incorporates innovative features that enhance the productivity, quality, and reproducibility of batch, fed batch or perfusion processes. SmartSystems is a scalable and flexible system to optimize cell growth environments and improve batch-to-batch reproducibility. SmartSystems include Single-Use Buffer & Media Prep Solutions and Cell culture/fermentation universal bioreactor solutions. 

ILC Dover Containment and Process Systems     

Dover Pharm/Biopharm Powder Containment Systems include DoverPac®The DoverPac® Bag In/Bag Out (BIBO) system, Crimp Systems, Drum Transfer System (DTS) platform, Milling, Continuous Liners, EZ BioPac® Flexible Enclosures.  The process Solutions include FIBC handling, Liquid/powder mixing, Extraction/fluidization, Dosing, Delumping, and Dedusting. Process Equipment are Presentation, Big bag system, WIP-CIP system, Pharma ball valve, Aid in the extraction, Sampling probes, Système pellets, Container, Dosing – Weighing, JetBreaker, iHP® Sterilisation

CPI Technology Custom Packages 

CPI Single-Use Custom Packages design and supply fully integrated skid packages including Single Use Mixing Systems, Buffer and Media prep packages, Mobile Assemblies, Single Use Hollow Fiber TFF (UF/DF) skids, Virus inactivation, Filtration and many other complex Engineered Systems.

Broadley James Bioprocess Automation Systems  

The Single-Use Bioreactor System consists of Thermo Scientific HyClone S.U.B. (Single-Use Bioreactor) with BioNet® control. The new Modular BioNet system was designed to completely clear the bench-top of control components allowing all control equipment to be mounted underneath or above the bench-top on a shelf. This space saving design frees up the entire benchtop to be used for more vessels or analytical instruments and significantly reduces the traditional wiring clutter associated with multi vessel installations