Engineering, Design, Product and Technical Services

Many single-use product suppliers also offer engineering design and technical services for their single-use products. The custom design is usually the first step, and the process usually includes conference calling, video conferencing and site visits (if desired). Many tools, simulation softwares, materials and parts may be used to build and test the prototype assemblies before finalize the products. 

ABEC Biopharm Services  

ABEC offers comprehensive engineering services from conceptual design through start-up and operation. ABEC’s BioPharm Services Division provides wide array of support services to maintain, modify, repair, and upgrade process, range from single vessel repair to repurposing an entire facility. Learn More.

BioConnect Single-Use Custom Assemblies Program

The Cole-Parmer BioConnect program allows customers to purchase custom-designed disposable bioprocess assemblies, with selection from a wide range of brand-name tubing, fittings, filters, and container systems. Order assemblies can be nonsterile or gamma sterilized for development and GMP manufacturing applications. 

FlexBioSys Custom Bioprocess Systems & Containers

FlexBiosys offers a full line of single-use bioprocess containers for most production requirements, they are designed to work seamlessly with the standard TFF and Chromatography systems.  FlexBiosys design department can customize and design the single-use bioprocess containers based on volume, width, length and special film requirements. In addition, FlexBiosys can fulfill customer special requirements with tubing, tubing manifolds and single-use product testing.

JM Bioconnect® Disposables

Standard Disposables Design (SDD)™ is for assembly drawings developed by PM Group in collaboration with the industry and suppliers. SDD™ provides efficiency savings during both the execution of projects and the subsequent supply chain activities. The assemblies are designed to be interchangeable, providing the end user with great flexibility and choice.  Learn More about SDD™ Tubing Types and Sizes, and Connection Methods

Entegris Custom Fabrication Service  

Entegris develops all types of specialty plastic products for fluid handling and also customized unique products with a range of material choices. Examples of single-use products include fittings, special connection devices, valves, PureBond® welded subassemblies, caps, covers, closures, flanges, plates, etc. 

JetSolutions Engineering Services  

Jetsolutions services (an ILC Dover Company) offer design and supply containment systems for new manufacturing facilities and retro fit older facilities. Services including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software development, testing facility, and on-site erection team services, and more. 

Meissner Technical Services (MTS) 

Meissner Technical Services (MTS) provides comprehensive qualification and validation services, documentation and application support to optimize filtration and single-use fluid management systems. For examples, Computational Fluid Dynamics Study (CFD study) is used in support of the Single-Use Mixing System for performance characteristics and mixing capabilities.

Nordson Medical OEM Solutions 

Nordson Medical OEM Solutions engineer and service teams provide a wide range of services and solutions, products include Biomaterial Delivery Solutions, Tubing Assembly Services, Fluid Component Design Center, and Custom Packaging and Labeling.


Transition™ Plastic Fabrication is Engineered Custom Plastic Single Use Component Fabrication. It designs and builds products based on the customer specifications, guiding principles of sanitary process control, combining the proper materials, design parameters and cleanliness of design required to provide a sterile product. The prototyping plan starts with 2-D drawings, 3-D SolidWorks drawings, 3-D printed components, mockups and fully functional units. More can be found at Single Use Components & Systems Capabilities, Quality system and engineering services, engineering and R&D services. 

Sealing Specialties  

Sealing Specialties Engineering provides in house and factory engineering support on applications, design, material guidance and selection, FEA studies, lab testing, and failure analysis. Reverse engineering capabilities allows to duplicate seal and related components while delivering value added cost savings, improved performance, shorter lead times, and hands on technical support. Sealing Specialties also offers custom molded rubber seals and components to existing and new applications. It also provides the design and engineering assistance from drawings to prototype, and first article to production. Materials include all elastomer compounds in addition to rubber/metal and rubber/ plastic overmolding capabilities. Custom Extrusion capabilities include any custom profile in all elastomer compounds including nitrile, EPDM, silicone, and fluoroelastomer (Viton®). Sealing Specialties can assist with engineering and design while offering technical support on materials to improve performance. Offerings include dense elastomers, sponge, hybrid extrusions, and co-extrusions to thermoplastic substrates.

Overlook Industries Single-Use Services 

Overlook Single-Use Services for single-use products can undergo Particulate cleaningSterile packaging (multi-bagged), Gamma sterilization, and Third party testing per customer requirements.

Essentra Porous Technology Custom Solutions 

Custom Solutions utilize 3D printing technology to showcase the constructions and designs, expediting lead times from quotation to delivered product.

TBL performance plastics

TBL Single-Use Disposable Manifold Assemblies offers a broad range of custom, single-use products and services for the bio-process industry, including fabrication and packaging services based on existing designs. The design department will also work with customers during the early stages of process development to define material specification, mechanical design and prototype of the products.

John Crane Services  

John Crane offers design, manufacture and supply of solutions for pharmaceutical processors. A wide range of services are available, for examples, engineering design, Equipment Service and Reliability Support services design high-performance products and assess equipment reliability and performance, analyze root cause failures and recommend strategies for improvement.

Rubber Fab Services 

Rubber Fab Coding & Labeling Services  offers several methods of cradle to grave identification with lot and batch information or customer specified information, examples including Bar Coding, Laser Engraving, Private Labeling, Silicone Molded Labeling. Product and Technical Services offer Custom Machine Fittings and Gaskets, Electropolishing, Passivation, Water Jet Cutting. Other services also available such as crimping -360o radical crimp to sanitary hose, quality assurance and certification, packaging and shipping services  

Schott Services 

Shott offers extra support and services ranges from in-house processing of glass tubing and engineered products for certain applications from the Scientific Services department. Schott Glass provides consulting services in the areas of production, post processing, and final application of glass tubing and rod. The technical consulting and services cover from the material selection, to technical feasibility studies to product development.

VWR Services 

VWR CATALYST Laboratory Services include procurement and supply management, scientific support, Lean Six Sigma Laboratory Process Consulting, Laboratory and production support, equipment and instrument services. The Single-Use Solution Services  provides the technical support, customer service and logistical planning to the customers.

Mesa Labs Cold Chain Management Services

Cold chain management products and services including Monitoring (Facility, Transport), packaging (Qualified Packaging, Rugged Coolers, Refrigerants, Components), and services such as Packaging Design & Qualification Services, Compliance Validation Services.  

BD Diagnostic Systems Technical Service and Support

BD Diagnostic-Diagnostic Systems deliver service programs, including in-house training, on-site application training, best practice guidelines, on-site and remote engineering and technical troubleshooting support. The Diagnostic Systems Service Organization is built to meet customers’ expectations at technical, application, engineering and training levels.

Pall PRO Services 

Pall PRO Services cover areas from System design, Start-up, Commissioning, Operator training, Preventative maintenance and repair, Precision cleaning, Refurbishment, System Health Checks, Contamination monitoring, Process auditing, Value engineering, Process optimization, to Filter element replacement, System retrofit, PLC and component upgrades. In addition, Pall provides field engineering support for Pall system, and Pall professional resources can also be used to identify and resolve technical issues. Other services including Depollution , Element Cleaning, Health Check for Pall Aria™ Water Treatment Systems, Purifiers, Pall Aria™ Mobile Water Treatment Systems, and ZHF Filter Systems.

Paw BioScience (VWR Bioprocessing Division) Custom Assembly 

Paw Bioscience provide Custom Assembly of Single-Use Products for assembly of custom disposable bottle, tubing & manifold systems.

WHK BioSystems Contract Manufacturing os Single Use Components and Assemblies

The WHK Teams offer material design, production, assembly and shipping for single-use component assemblies and medical device contract manufacturing. Learn More

Cellon Octopus Assemblies & Manifolds

Octopus can design and manufactur single-use assemblies to meet customer specific  requirements, the process usually include Specification and Design, Manufacture, and post manufacuture processing.  Download here the leaflet on Octopus Assemblies