Filter Housing and Equipment

As the biopharmaceutical industry filter products evolves and matures, so do the materials and designs of filter housing and peripheral equipment. Sanitary filter housing has tranditionally been built of 316L or 304L stainless steel, typical application areas for stainless steel housings include bioreactors, autoclaves, freeze dryers and process tanks. The stainless steel filter holders can be sterilised by autoclaving or inline steaming and are available in DIN, ISO or Japanese Industrial Standard, electro polished or grinded (Ra 0.4 µm) in high 316 L quality. Now the use of a wide range of disposable polymeric housings is replacing the traditional stainless steel systes, they are now available in larger sizes, with configurations scalable (e.g., from capsules ot encapsulated cartridge assemblies) to meet biopharmaceutical batch production needs in a wide array of manufacturing applications. 

Thermo Scientific Hyclone Single Use Bioreactor Vent Filter Heater   

The vent filter heater system stands alone and does not integrate with the control system of the S.U.B. controller. The system consists of the following components: Heater, Controller and Power Cord.  Refer to the vent filter user’s manual included.  

Sartorius Filter Housing  

Sartorius air | gas filters products also include Housing and Accessories such as Air Filter Housings, Venting Filter Housings, Removable Heaters, and Filter Integrity Tester.  The sanitary stainless steel filter housings are specifically designed for liquid and air | gas filtration applications of the bio-pharmaceutical industry (also see Brochure: Stainless Steel Filter Housing ). Also see information on SARTOFLOW Alpha plus SU Filtration System and  SARTOFLOW Slice 200 Benchtop System.

Messeiner Filter Housing

Meissner offers a complete line of cartridge filter housings for use in the clarification, sterilization and high purity filtration of liquids and gases. All Meissner cartridge filter housings are constructed of electropolished 316L stainless steel, with surface finishes, sizing, connector design and other features built to meet specific requirements. Housing configurations include inline, T-type and L-type, in both sanitary and industrial designs. Meissner housings are also available in thermal jacketed, low hold-up volume, ASME Code-stamped and 3-A Code-complying designs.

Millipore Stainless Steel Housings

Millipore filter housing offers safe, reliable performance and process separation consistency to meet the complex needs of a wide range of process applications. Millidisk® cartridge housings are designed to handle the most critical sterile filtration steps for industrial processing applications.  Typical applications include:  sterile filtration of aqueous and solvent-based solutions, sterile tank venting, and sterile gas filtration. The Milligard® housing is ideal for use with Millipore Code M cartridges in liquid or gas filtration. Millistak+® 316L stainless steel filter housings are designed for high-capacity liquid clarification.  The Optiseal® housing is designed for sterile filtration of aqueous solutions and gases using Optiseal® cartridge filters.  The Series 3000™ Single-Round housings have the options and flexible configurations your process requires.  Available in T-line, C-line and in-line designs; with a wide range of tube sizes, inlet/outlet and vent/drain connections,

Entegris Liquid Filter Housing

Liquid filter housings provide a variety of performance and operator safety benefits. Polymer housings, or those with a PTFE lining, are typically utilized in higher cleanliness applications and those that are more sensitive to metals leaching into the process materials. Stainless steel housings are typically used in higher pressure, elevated temperature applications.

Parker Pharmaceutical Filter Housing  

Parker domnick hunter’s dedicated fabrication facility manufactures a wide range of single and multi-round filter housings designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry.

Pall Advanta™ Single Cartridage Air/Gas Filter Housing

Pall Advanta air/gas filter T-flow housings are designed for economical air, gas, and vent filtration and sterilization applications using a single open ended (SOE) AB sanitary style.  Pall Advanta housings incorporate design features that meet stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical, biological and bio-processing industries. PLT Filter Housing is available in both single and multi-round style and the housing’s design takes account of sanitary and GMP design requirements necessary for stainless steel products within the industry. They can be supplied in a variety of different connection configurations and with different surface finish options. 

Crtitical Process Filtration Filter Housings  

Critical Process Filtration offers multiple sizes of stainless steel housings in both sanitary and industrial configurations, it also offers polypropylene housings in multiple lengths.

Zenpure (Saint Gobain) Filter Housing

Saint Gobain Zenpure supplies a broad range of filter housing and accessories. Featured products include Sanitary SS Filter Housing Multi-Round (SSC), Sanitary Stainless Steel Vent Housing (SVP), Sanitary Mini Stainless Steel Housing (SMP), Industrial High Purity Vent Filter Housing (IHP), Industrial High Purity SS Filter Housing, Sanitary SS Filter Housing Multi-Round (SAN), Sanitary Stainless Steel Housing (SHP), Virgin Polypropylene Housing(PHV), and more

Aquasyn Filter Housing

Manufactured to house a variety of cartridge types, Aquasyn filter housings are designed to eliminate build up and entrapment of contaminants, and can be configured to suit customers specific needs. Filters can also be customized and see more.