Fitting (Tube-to-Tube) and Accessories

Separate single tubing can be connected through Tube-to-tube fittings or simple fitting to form a functional transfer line. Plastic fittings are available in different size and shapes, e.g., straight, T-type, Y-type, cross coupler, Elbow coupler and barbed plugs.

TBL Performance Plastics Fittings TBL Performance plastics provides choices of Sanitary Fittings, Barb Fittings, Compression Fittings, E-Z Fittings, Over-Molded Tri-Clamp® Ends, Sanitary Tri-Clamp®, Bio-Ease™ Hinged Tri-Clamp®Kynar® True-Union Clamp,  and more.  
Watson Marlow BioPure Fluid Path Components  Watson-Marlow offers a range of Biopure Technology fluid path components including BioClamp, BioBarb, BioValve , Bio Y, BioEndCap , FlatBioEndCap, Bio Tube Applicator, and Puresu single-use tube assemblies.   
Nordson Medical Tube-to-Tube Fitting  Nordson Medical offers barbed tubing fittings and tubing connectors in sizes ranging from 1/16″ (1.6 mm) to 1″ (25.4 mm) ID in over 100 separate configurations in nylon, polypropylene, polycarbonate and PVDF, with other engineering resins available on special order. Available barbed fitting styles include straight tube connectors, elbow fittings, tee fittings, crosses, Y (wye) connectors, multi-port connectors, and multiple straight, elbow and tee reducer combinations. Products include  Luer Fittings and connectors, Quick Connect FittingsThreaded Fittings,  and Build-A-Part® Bondable Prototyping Fittings
Cole-Parmer Fittings   Cole-Parmer offer a broad range of fitting selection including Barbed, Cam Couplers and Adapters, Chromatography, Compression, Flare, Flexible PVC, Luer, Threaded, Manifolds, Micro-bore Connectors, Push-to-Connect, Sanitary Fittings, and Clamps, Gaskets, Quick-Disconnect, Fitting Kits and Accesssories. More Fitting products may found from Cole-Parmer Sanitary fittings and clamps.
GVC Sanitary Adapter and Fittings    GVC offers Sanitary Adapter, Compression fittings, and sanitary fittingsGVC sanitary fitting are available in a wide range of Sanitary Connection and configurations, including Ferrules, Tees, Eccentric Reducers, Concentric Reducers, Elbows, Stub Ends, Clamps and Adaptors. Sanitary Fittings are available in a wide range of many finishes and materials. The Polypro Tri-Clamp Sanitary Spools are pre-fabricated lengths of Polypropylene Tubing with Tri-Clamp® ends added for convenience.  
CPI Technology Fittings CPI supply and integrate a range of aseptic connects and disconnects from leading manufacturers. It offers a broad range of plastic tube fittings including quick disconnect fittings, aseptic connection devices, tube clamps as well as many other accessories. Sanitary gaskets and O-rings products have been formulated with industry approved materials such as platinum cured silicone, Viton®, Teflon®, EPDM, Buna-N, Kalrez® and PEEK®.
Paw BioScience Plastic Connectors & Components    PAW supplies a variety of hose barb, sanitary and luer type connectors made from several types of plastic. In addition to fittings, paw also offer a large inventory of BioClamps, BioValve and quick-disconnects such as SterilEnz®-II/EC sanitary caps, SterilEnz®-II/AT sanitary fitting, Sanitary Flange Connectors, TC Clamps, TC End Caps, SaniSure CLAMP’s, BarbLocks, Valves & Clamps for Tubing, and Tube Fittings. Paw also distribute the maxPure line of stainless steel sanitary clamp fittings.
Holland Single-Use Fittings and Connectors Holland Applied Technologies offers single-use fitting and connectors such as pure-fit SC sterile connectors, colder steam-thru connections, colder AseptiQuik sterile connectors, genderless AseptiQuik G sterile connectors, colder connectors and quick disconnects, Barlock Retainers, Pure-Fit SIB.
Fluid Biosolutions Connections Fluid Biosolutions offers a range of tubing retainers, fittings and connectors from Saint-Gobain include BarbLock® ultra-secure retainers, PharmaFluor® PFA fittings​, Pure-Fit® SC sterile connectors, Pure-Fit® SIB smooth inner bore systems​
ThermoFisher™ Scientific Fittings and Acessories ThermoFisher offers a range of Fittings and Accessories for bioproduction applications, examples include closures with barbed bulkhead fittings, Nalgene three-way stopcock, HDPE vacuum check valve and positive connector, stopcocks, quick disconnects, and polypropylene replacement coupling inserts for quick filling/venting closures. Nalgene™ Tubing Y-type connectors and T-type connectors , Nalgene™ Sanitary 1 in. Hose Barb Connector, Nalgene™ HDPE Vacuum Check Valve and Positive Connector are also provided to assist maximize liquid flow.  

ESI Ultrapure Plastic Fittings/Sterile Connectors

ESI offers a wide range of plastic fittings and sterile connectors such as plastic tube to tube fittings and sterile connectors. Featured products include Nordson Manifolds, Nordson needlefree swable valves, Nordson bag ports, pharmalok clamps, Nordson luer fittings, Nordson quick connect, Nordson tube to tube fitting, Cleanline 1.5” single use connector, etc. 

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Watson-Marlow Bio Tube Applicator Bio Tube Applicator is a tube to hose barb assembly machine allows effortless insertion of the connecrors into a wide variety of tubing (e.g. silicon tubing and TPE tubing). This equipment connect tube and connectors without damage to the internal bore of the tube. The operation avoid use of lubrication such as IPA, therefore simplifies validation.   Lear more.
Swagelok Biopharmaceutical fittings and adapters Swagelok TS series biopharmaceutical fittings feature enhanced drainability and cleanability to prevent bacteria from building up and contaminating processes. The unique design eliminates gasket extrusion to reduce the likelihood of fluid holdup. Learn More.