Fluid Path Accessories

In many cases, single-use systems still require a set of accessories to ensure they can be properly functioned, easily deployed, and results are repeatable. Suppliers may be able to provide the accessories along with single-use systems, while many can also be sourced separately from other providers.

Entergris Additional Fluid Handling Accessories 

Entegris offers a variety of fluid handling accessories for use in  ultrapure and corrosive chemical processes. Accessories include aspirators, PFA fasteners, gauge protectors and numerous spray products.

Sklar Sterile Disposables

Selections of sterile disposables including different types of forceps, Nippers, Scissors, towel clamps and Hemostats.   

Swagelok Tubing and Hose Accessories  

Enable efficient assembly of nylon and polyethylene hoses for applications with hose and flexible tubing spare parts and accessories. Also see All Spare Parts and Accessories – Hose and Flexible Tubing

PendoTECH Single Use Bubble Trap 

The PendoTECH Single Use Bubble trap can remove entrapped air from a fluid stream. Its liner inserts into reusable hardware that does not contact the product hardware that eliminates cross-contamination between uses. More details are included in Single Use Bubble Trap Data Sheet

Corning® Single Use Accessories  

Optional accessories and tubing sets are available for use with Corning® Collection Containers, Cell Expansion Bags, Cryopreservation Bags, Rocker Cell Culture Bags, and Tank Liners. Unless otherwise noted in container port descriptions, all port tubing components are chemically resistant, heat sealable flexible tubing.

ThermoFisher Single-Use Systems and Accessories

ThermoFisher has scalable and economical systems and accessories for uniquely configured and standard processes including outer support containers, an integrity testing system, a single-use heat exchanger, and freeze/thaw containment systems. Thermo Scientific™ HyPerforma™ Drum Accessories enables easy transport of BioProcess Container Systems™ (BPC™s).

Meissner FlexCessory Support Accessories

Meissner has developed a line of accessories to complement our One-Touch® single-use systems portfolio called FlexCessories™, products including Dual End-Ported biocontainer cart, Universal lab stand, stainless steel stand for FlexFill Biocontainers, and Stainless steel biocontainer Hanger.

Rubber Fab Pipe and Tube Supports   

Rubber Fab Sanitary Pipe and Tube Supports are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations and are offered with both an anchor or guide insert to meet the needs of any application. Rubber Fab offers many different series and within each series there are many different configurations available. It also offers options for mounting such as welding, bolting, rail and strut mounting, double, and group mounting, etc.