Freeze/Thaw Solutions

Sensitive pharmaceutical products, whether for clinical development or large scale commercial manufacturing final drug products, often need to be frozen to maintain their stability, quaility and extend shelf life. Freezing decreases the risk of microbial contamination and growth, it also helps to prevents shear stress and foaming during transport, which makes the solid state preferable over the liquid for storage. However, the right choice of storage conditions as well as appropriate freezing and thawing processes have a tremendous impact on product quality. Multiple challenges must be addressed to improve the reliability of the process and avoid any adverse effects on product chemical and physical properties, for examples, the biopharmaceutical proteins may cryo-concentrate and during the storage and thawing steps, irreversibly denaturation or aggregation of the proteins may occur.  A variety of technologies including stainless steel vessels, bottles, carboys and disposable bags are available to assist biopharmaceutical product freezing and thawing process. Single-use freezing bags are a common choice for storage of biologics, although challenges with film durability at extrem low temperature continue to exist.

Charter Medical Single-Use Feeze-Pak™ Biocontainers and STS   

Freeze-Pak™ Bio-containers are designed for use in ultra-low temperature applications. Freeze-Pak™ STS (FP-STS) Storage and Transport Solution Bio-Containers are designed for ultra-low temperature frozen storage and transport applications. FP-STS single-use containers offer robust performance to  -80°C while the Freeze-Pak™ film itself is rated to temperatures as low as -196°C.  FP-STS containers are suitable for long-term storage of cellular and non-cellular materials.  The unique polyolefin port design offers port and tubing configuration flexibility and added low-temperature durability to support a wide variety of processing requirements.  Additionally, the standard product offering can be customized for optimal process form, fit and function. The Freeze- single-use secondary shippers are engineered to support frozen storage and transport needs intended for temperatures as low as -80°C. The STS shippers have been designed to complement the single-use Freeze-Pak™ STS bio-containers. See product Brochure

ThermoFisher Scientific Acclimate Freeze/Thaw Handling System

The Thermo Sicientific™ Acclimate™Freeze/Thaw handling system is a bioprocess container (BPC) and shell combination used for freezing and thawing biopharmaceutical fluids in commercial equipment, such as walk-in freezers, cold rooms, temperature-controlled cabinets, or water baths.

Sartorius Freeze and Thaw Systems

The freeze & thaw systems consist of bags and containers for freeze and thaw processes of biopharmaceuticals in manufacturing and process development or in commercially available equipment such as laboratory freezers, walk-in freezers, cold rooms or temperature controlled cabinets. Featured products include Celsius FFT, Celsius S3 tool, Celsius®-Pak.

OriGen BioMedical Cryo-Preservation Products  

OriGen manufactures two types of Cryopreservation bags: the Cryostore EVA bag and PermaLife FEP cell culture and freezing bag. CryoStore  Freezing Bag is a safe, economical way to preserve blood components when cryopreservation is indicated. O-Wrap bags are for protection of other bags and products in cryopreservation. Sterizip are Sterile, zippered pouch with numerous applications. Cryobag has Kapton and FEP bags for cryopreservation of cells and solid tissues. TissueVault are EVO bags for cryopreservation of solid tissues.  These are easy to seal and are optically clear. PermaLife cell culture bags are Closed cell culture for protecting, storing and freezing cells and tissue.Evolve cell culture bags are Closed cell culture bags for harvesting, concentrating and expanding adherent cells. Accessory Sets are available including tubing and adapters for use in transferring product from one container to another. Other related products include a wide variety of DMSO-based cryopreservation solutions (CryoPur DMSO solutions) in a number of different packages. 

Zeta Freeze & Thaw Systems

ZETA Freeze & Thaw Systems are an economical and rational solution for industrial freezing and thawing processes. The system approach covers the complete sequence from first laboratory experiments in the LabFreeze through controlled scale-up in the PilotFreeze and then to industrial production in the 10–300 l scale. Zeta safe storage and transport biopharmaceuticals (see brochure).

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Optima Group Pharma Freeze Drying Systems 

Optima Group provide Freeze Drying Systems from high-tech pilot plants up to high efficiency production plants. The Klee brand provides solutions for all requirements with its broad range of machines. From hightech pilot plants up to high efficiency production plants for vials, syringes, ampoules as single units or in bulk. 

Caron Feeze/Thaw Products

Caron Freeze/Thaw Chambers are precisely and automatically control programmed environmental conditions for freeze thaw stability testing. They are suitable for any application that requires temperature cycling down below freezing. Learn More

Farrar Scientific Freezers

Farrer Scientific offers products include Recirculating Chiller, -80°C High Performance Controlled Rate Freeze/Thaw Chamber, -40°C High Performance Controlled Rate Freeze/Thaw Chamber, Farrar 3 Phase Voltage, Twinbird Portable Freezer, and Model SU105UE Compact Ultra-Low Freezer.

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