Gamma Irradiation for Single Use Assemblies and Systems

Gamma irradiation is a fast and common practice to sterilize single-use systems for aseptic bioprocess applications. The process parameters are confirmed by dosimetry, and the method is compatible with most plastic materials (except for acetal, PTFE, and unstablized polypropylene). However, the process has to be validated to ensure the products reach desired sterility assurance levels (SAL) after irradiation. Often the validation documents and certification of processing (COP) have to be completed before material usage.


Sterigenics offer full sterilization services, its sterilization technologies include gamma irradiation, electron-beam irradiation, ethylene oxide, and autoclave (steam sterilization).  Customer solutions include Sterigenics GPS™, VeriCycle™ Automated Process, Verification, SteriPro® Consulting and Nelson Labs, etc.

STERIS Global Contract Sterilization Services

STERIS Applied Sterilization Technologies (AST) has been committed to providing global contract sterilization and laboratory services to the medical device, pharmaceutical, consumer, and industrial communities. The sterilization methods include radiation (Gamma irradiation, E-Beam, Ion Beam), ethylene oxide sterilization, and laboratory services. Radiation TechTeam® group provide support in all phases of the sterilization design process including product development, materials testing, protocol generation and sterilization validation, while SteriLink® interactive online service provides complete, real-time visibility into STERIS processing facilities.

Noxilizer Contract Sterilization Services  

Noxilizer provides custom sterilization solutions. The sterilization is through Nitrogen Dioxide Sterilization Technology using room temperature NO2 to provide cost savings and a fast turnaround of product. Noxilizer laboratory services also provide sterilization validation.

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VPT Rad Radiation Lab  and Test Services

VPTrad provide gamma sterilization services for small product R&D, single-use and implantable devices. See VPTrad technical brocheure for gamma sterilizaiton.

Nordion Irradiation Services

Nordion gamma processing facilities offer reliable gamma services to polymer producer, food processors and medical device manufacturers. Its gamma centre of excellence offers irradiation services, sterilization science services, and training program.