Sanitary Gaskets have direct product contact and they are used widely in sanitary process to seal clamp connections in sanitary pipe lines and other mechanical assemblies. Gaskets are generally used as a static seal where an O-Ring does not provide an adequate seal. Common material choices are Buna Rubber, EPDM, platinum cured silicone, Teflon-PTFE, Viton, envelope gaskets, stainless/plastic blends, perfloroelastomers, etc.

Flow Smart Hygienic Gaskets and Seals 

Flow Smart gaskets feature engineered geometries, engineered polymers and larger ID’s specified to meet most stringent BPE specifications. FlowSmart’s detailed traceability program ensures against catastrophic gasket failures. EPDM, Viton, Platinum or peroxide cured silicone, PTFE, Polysteel, Bruna, PTFE/EPDM materials are available for polyclamp (tri-clamp) Gaskets, Ameriflex™ gaskets are made from the combination material of rubber and PTFE to provide greater efficieny, extended gasket life, and high seal performance. Polyconnect® (compression control) creates smooth inner diameter to reduce the risk of particulate contamination and extend the gasket’s service life.

Holland Sanitary Gaskets  

Holland provides sanitary Tri-Clamp gaskets from the manufacturers in the U.S. Holland also have lead efforts to improve the purity and durability sanitary gaskets, choice of Materialsinclude buna, EPDM, FKM(Viton), silicone, platinum cured silicone, Tuflex, Tufsteel, Teflon (PTFE), Teflon envelope, etc..

W.L.Gore STA-PURE® Gaskets 

GORE® STA-PURE® Gasketing products provide high-performance sealing and are fully compliant with the most demanding pharmaceutical processing requirements. Featured products are  GORE® STA-PURE® Sheet Gasketing Style 1200 , GORE® STA-PURE® Pipe Gasket, GORE® STA-PURE® Sheet Gasketing products provide high-performance sealing.  

GVC Sanitary Gasket

GVC Sanitary Gaskets are available in a wide range of Sanitary Connections. Sanitary Gasket Categories include Tri-Clamp® Gasket, Tri-Clamp® Flanged Gasket, Bevel Seat Gasket, ANSI-Flex Gasket, APC Gasket, Cam-Lock Gasket, DIN / ISO Metric Gasket, I-Line Gasket, John Perry Gasket, Metal & X-ray Detectable Gasket, Perforated Metal Gasket, Q-Line Gasket, Screen Gasket, Smart Gasket®, Spore Trap Gasket, Torque-Rite® Clamp Nut, V2B Vent Gasket.

TBL Performance Plastics Pt-Cured Silicone Gaskets

TBL’s provides Platinum-Cured Silicone Gaskets  and EPDM Gaskets. TBL is now also stocking cleanroom-packed, Sterile-Packed Sanitary Gaskets.

Rubber Fab Sanitary Gaskets 

Rubber Fab offers a wide variety of Sanitary Gaskets and O-Rings. Hygienic seals are used widely in the Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Dairy, Food & Beverage, Industrial and Semiconductor industries to seal clamp connections in sanitary pipe lines. We offer the entire product range of specialty gaskets in several elastomers, and fluoroelastomers. Many sanitary elastomeric materials are the same in appearance.  Rubber Fab sanitary gaskets are specifically color coded with dots (Gasket Color Coding) to easily identify the gasket material.  Please refer to the chart below to visually identify each material.

Integra Companies James Walker Sanitary Gaskets 

Integra offers both standard ASME BPE and flanged sanitary gaskets from James Walker. James Walker sanitary gaskets (also referred to as hygienic clamp gaskets and triclamp gaskets) feature Elast-O-Pure® EP75B for  long service life. Learn More >>>>from ELASTOPURE_HYGIENIC_CLAMP_GASKETS_BROCHURE

Accuflow Systems Gaskets

AccuFlow Systems offers several brands of sanitary gaskets and O-rings. For examples, Accuflow, Flowsmart and Newman products are designed to maintain their mechanical and material characteristics even after undergoing steam-in-place and clean-in-place sterilization. Gaskets products include Silicone Gaskets, EPDM Gaskets , Screen Gaskets (EPDM, Viton®, Buna-N material), Teflon Gaskets . Read More 

Sealing Specialties Gaskets   

Sealing Specialties complete gasket capabilities including die cutting, molded, extruded, and lathe cutting. Construction materials include metal, elastomers (rubber), fiber, non-asbestos, spiral wound, felt, PTFE (Teflon®), and many other materials are also available. Seal specialties also offer new GORE® STA-PURE® Gasketing Products to deliver exceptional Sealing Performance in Pharmaceutical Processing Applications.

Parker Hygienic Sanitary Gasket for Pharmaceutical/Biopharmaceutical

Parker currently offers gaskets with both the plastic and rubber portions,  Parker USP Class VI approved elastomers are: Silicon, Fluorocarbon, EPDM, Platinum-cured silicon. Based on the application requirements, different elastomers can be recommended.

Paw Bioscience (VWR BioProcessing Division) Sanitary Gaskets with Flanges 

PAW BioScience supply innovative seals from a fine pedigree of polymer compounds, such as seals in EPDM, Platinum Silicone, PTFE, & PTFE/EPDM composites. Learn More

Trelleborg Sealing Sanitary Gaskets  

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is known for its PharmaSil® premium Medical-Grade Silicone Tubing. The PharmaLine® Liquid Injection Molded (LIM) Products also offer a wide range of stoppers and bottle top assemblies, unions (e.g., Y and T connectors), custom gaskets and molded components. Custom designed manifold systems are also available. Trelleborg gaskets can be made from various rubber elastomers such as VMQ, EPDM, FKM, NBR, HNBR, as well as our proprietary FFKM, Isolast®. They can also be made of our proprietary Turcon® PTFE based and Zurcon® UHMWPE materials.

Swagelok Biopharmaceutical Fittings and Adapters   

Swagelok TS series biopharmaceutical fittings feature enhanced drainability and cleanability to prevent bacteria from building up and contaminating processes. The unique design eliminates gasket extrusion to reduce the likelihood of fluid holdup. TS series adapter gasket allows an existing sanitary clamp ferrule to mate with a TS series ferrule. Lear More  

ESI Ultrapure Transportation Product

ESI Ultrapure offers bioshell suspension pack, Gaskets & O-rings, and insulation materials.