Mixers and Mixing Systems

A number of companies offer commercially available, well-engineered single-use mixing systems, for examples, Pall, Millipore, Thermo Scientific, Sartorius, GE Healthcare, etc. They are available with different bag sizes, and ideal for applications such as buffer and media preparations, viral inactivation post-harvest, and final conditioning in the formulation step. However, mixing with single-use system bring its own processing challenges, for example, solutions in soft-walled bags do not always behave according to typical fluid dynamics as they would in rigid, cylindrical vessels. Also, sometime it is difficult to find good mixing systems that are scalable, partially because each mixing system has its own specific bag film and construction, alsonot all products offer small-scale applications.

GE Healthcare Single-Use Mixers  

GE offers mixing systems in stirred-tank and rocking format. WAVE rocking mixer is a small-scale benchtop mixer. The stirred-tank mixers ( Xcellerex single-use stirred-tank mixing systems ) are available in two different configurations: The XDUO mixers combine efficient mixing with automation and control, while the XDM mixers offer a cost-efficient means to achieve fast and robust mixing.

JM Bioconnect Jetmixer™ Bags

JM BioConnect® JetMixer™ Single-Use Mixing System has light and compact design for product development and cGMP environment.  It is scalable, fast, efficient, and provide homogeneous mixing of liquids with differing densities. JM BioConnect® JetMixer™ is also suitable for liquid / powder mixing. The disposable component of the JetMixer is the bag with the integrated magnetically impelled turbine at the bottom centre of the bag. Learn More

Saint-Gobain Recirculating Mixing System 

Single-Use Bioprocess Recirculating Mixing System has been developed to create a simple and effective single-use mixing alternative for biopharmaceutical applications. The mixer design utilizes an externally mounted pump to recirculate and mix the fluid in a single-use bag system. The pump on the mixing system has no bearings to wear out or seals to break. Utilizing magnetic levitation, the pump’s impeller is levitated inside a sealed casing and driven by the magnetic field of the motor, therefore eliminate particle generation.

Sartorius Single-Use Mixer Platform

Sartorius Flexel® Single-Use Mixer products include  Flexel® for LevMixer® and Flexel® for Magnetic Mixer.  Flexel® for LevMixer® has a levitating impeller for Ultra Clean Mixing (no friction), low-shear mixing for sensitive product, liquid-liquid mixing, homogeneization and re-suspension. Flexel® for Magnetic Mixer® has strong magnetic coupling for: powerful mixing with high-torque and high rotation speed, high viscosity and/or concentrated powders dissolution, and large volume. More information on these technologies in the linked Brochure. 

SiLog (Paker Hanninfin) MabTec Automated Perfusion System  

The MabTech Ultra High Density Cell Culture system is a fully automated gravimetric bioreactor maintenance system. Its capabilities include automated Feed, Harvest, and Recirculation in fully disposable or hybrid bioreactor flowpaths. The system also includes the ability to conduct unattended bioreactor inoculations and/or pump flow reversals (to prevent filter fouling) all on one unit. The SciLog Media Prep. Station – Microbial Sample Prep System is a microbial sample prep station that quickly and easily delivers hot water in high precision aliquots to pre-packaged media packet (e.g. DuPont StatMedia).

Thermo Fisher Scientific Single-Use Mixers 

ThermoFisher Scientific Single-User Mixers include Docking Mixing Systems , imPULSE™ Single-Use Mixers , and HyPerforma™ Single-Use Mixers.  These single-use systems are designed for the liquid/liquid and powder/liquid mixing of media, buffers, intermediates, final products, process liquids, and suspensions. Thermo Scientific mixing platforms can mix small and large sizes, and provide selection between standard configurations or highly customized hardware systems and BioProcess Containers (BPCs).

Meissner One-Touch® Single-Use System Portfolio    

Meissner’s FlexFill® mixing assemblies have been optimized for small volume powder-liquid and liquid-liquid mixing applications.  The tapered shape of the FlexFill® biocontainer combined with the unique porting locations featured on the FlexFill® mixing assemblies provide robust mixing action with peristaltic pump. Saltus® Single-Use Mixing System  is designed to incorporate Process Analytical Technology (PAT), and provides robust, reproducible, predictable mixing performance. Learn More

Pall Corporation Biopharmaceutical Mixers  

Pall provides a broad range of single-use mixers, covering various potential applications and requirements. Pall mixers for Biopharmaceutical applications include Allegro™ 50 L High Performance Mixer for Single-Use Operations, Allegro™ Single-Use Mixers  , Jet Mixer, LevMixer® System, Magnetic Mixer, Micro-24 Gas Micro Mixer, PadMixer® System, and Wand Mixer. Pall can provide full automation around mixing applications with Pall standard systems, or customized solutions. Learn More about Pall mixing technology solutions through upstream, downstream, to Formulation and Filling. 

Millipore Single-Use Manufacturing  

Mobius® Single-use Mixing Systems  delivers advanced technology for mixing pharmaceutical ingredients from intermediate to final drug products and for the preparation of process solutions, such as buffers and media. Mobius® single-use mixing solutions offer a complete range of mixers for biomanufacturing process. Both Mobius® MIX and Mobius® Power MIX offer economic and operational efficiency, saving valuable processing and validation time.

Levitronix Pump-Tank Mixer

Levitronix offers mixers for various industries based on bearingless motor technology. The rotors within Pump-Tank Mixers are driven without the use of a shaft by generating magnetic fields through the walls of the mixing tank. Levitronix’ mixers rotate the magnet without contact with the mixing chamber by employing magnetic levitation. Thus the mixers are free of mechanical wear and eliminate particles. Product models are PTM-200, PTM-600, and PTM-2000.

Metenova Zero-g Magnetic Mixer  

Zero-g Magnetic Mixer provides benefits from aseptic design, FDA complied materials of construction, and  innovative bearing functions. The ZGP plastic mixer unique mxing technology can be used in carboys with integrated mixer and delivers powerful mixing result in carboy as in a conventional mixing tank. See Metanova Zero-g magnetic mixer technology brochure.

Parker Bioprocess Mixing Systems

Parker provides bioprocess mixing systems including the PoGo G2 and SpinBag™ systems: PoGo G2 is a single-use mixing system for media and buffer preparation. It uses a fully programmable reciprocating motion that combines efficient mixing with low shear effect.  The system consists of a freestanding mixing base and detachable mixing tank for quick change overs. The PoGo G2 can be used with Parker’s DuraPure single-use bioprocess mixing chamber or as an open top mixer. Stroke and speed are controlled by a programmable HMI touch screen or by a manual control panel option.  SpinBag™ bioprocess container is a compact table top mixing system, each 3D SpinBag is constructed of DuraPure film with a specialty coated magnetic stir bar inside. When placed on the mixing plate, the bar rotates to create a vortex of motion to thoroughly mix or stir the fluid contents. The versatile mixing plate drive unit also has a small footprint and is compatible with SpinBags in a variety of volumes and port configurations. In addition, the easy-to-operate, programmable control panel allows users to adjust parameters such as the speed and temperature.

Terracon TerraPro Mixer

TerraPro Mixer offers a range of cost-effective mixing tank solutions for life sciences applications. Click Link to see TerraPro Mixer Product brochure

Finesse SmartRocker

The Finesse SmartRocker™ brings next generation control and measurement to rocking bioreactor applications. A SmartRocker is controlled by a G3Lab™ Universal Controller and Finesse TruBio® software, providing a complete solution for research, process development, or seed train production applications.

Sentinel Process Systems Single-Use Mixing System 

Sentinel single use mixing system is a fast and efficient solution, the system is provide with disposable bags and tubing sets as a complete assembly on a cart for easy transportation to other locations. Learn More

White Mountain Process Single-Use Mixers 

White Mountain Process offers disposable and single-use mixing and blending technology for biopharma and high purity manufacturers. The customizable mixer features include: various output speed and motor configurations, various material choices, variey of mixer connections for open conatiners and closed/sealed bags, and small to full scale agitation.

ESI Ultrapure Single-Use Mixing Systems

ESI single-use mixing system can be used for liquid-liquid, powder-liquid mixing and recirculation of homogenenous solutions, the system is fitted in polyethylene barrel that is reusable. Learn More