O-rings and Seals

O-rings and seals are essential to provide solutions for the most demanding medical and pharcaceutical sealing applications where both mechanical and chemical properties are crucial, and aseptic sealing capacity is critical, particularly in CIP (Cleaning-in-place) and SIP (sterilization-in-place) processes. In particular, platinum cured silicones have enhanced resistance to aggressive chemicals and resins, they have good resist to shrinkage in production, exhibits high tear strength and greater dimensional stability. Other benefits include improved thermal resistance, resistance to aging, non-stick characteristics as well as non-toxicity. Other materials of choices are EPDM rubber, HNBR rubber, fluoroelastomer, Teflon® encapsulated silicone, etc.

Selection Criteria for Pharmaceutical O-rings and Seals

  • Material Selection are chemically compatible with contact fluid
  • Non-toxicity of sealing material: USP Class VI, CFR Title 21 section 177
  • Abrasion resistance, wear resistance
  • Ability to withstand low and high temperatures, resistance to cleaning processes and sterilization such as CIP and SIP processes
  • Low gas permeability, Low adsorption and absorption 
  • Occupy little space and seal efficiently in both directions

Seal Specialties O-Rings  

Seal Specialities Provide O-Ring Material include nitrile (buna-N), ethylene propylene (EPDM), fluoroelastomer (FKM, Viton®), Neoprene®, silicone, perfluoroelastomer (FFKM), polyurethane, and aflas, and other materials. Size range from Metric sizes, micro-minature, custom sizes, spliced and vulcanized, and (AS 568) standard sizes. Sealing Specialties handles the complete John Crane mechanical seal product line, including includes pusher seals, bellows seals, non-contacting gas seals, cartridge seals, high pressure, high temperature, split, and severe duty seals. The Oil Seal products are from SKF (CR) and Parker’s JM Clipper product lines. Engineered seals are customizable and include metal, PTFE, elastomer, engineered plastics, and perfluoroelastomers.  Learn More.     

Dupont™ Kalrez® O-Rings

DuPont™ Kalrez® perfluoroelastomer parts (FFKM) resist over 1,800 different chemicals, while offering the high temperature stability of PTFE (327°C). Dupont™ Kalrez® O-rings are durable, heat and chemical resistant, they are available in standard or custom sizes. DuPont™ Kalrez® maintains inventories of AS-568, metric and JIS (Japanese Industry Standard), O-rings. Many may be available from local authorized Kalrez® distributors.

James Walker Biopharmaceutical Seals

James Walker sanitary gaskets use Elast-O-Pure® EP75B, an elastomer developed specifically for the critical needs of the pharmaceutical and bioprocessing industries. Elast-O-Pure™ is Class VI and FDA compliant special formulations of EPDM and Silicone. The material provide purity and integrity of process fluids with extended service life in challenging applications such as SIP processes and CIP chemicals. It’s sanitary gaskets and o-rings product lines are also available from Integra Companies. Learn More >>>>from James Walker Sealing Products for Pharmaceutical and Bioprocessing Industries.

John Crane Pharmaceutical Seals  

John Crane offers complete mechanical seal manufacturer products. John Crane Pharmaceutical Seals products  include agitator seals, split seals, O-ring Pusher Seal, Non-contacting seals, seal support systems, Hydrodynamic Bearings, Power Transmission Couplings, and Packing Products for sealing solutions. Learn More

Rubber Fab O-Rings  

Rubber Fab offers a full line of AS568 dash numbers, metric, and specialty O-Rings  that are manufactured using EPDM, FKM Fluoroelastomer, Buna-N, PTFE, Silicone and Tuf-Steel® FDA or USP Class VI compliant compounds.  O-Ring Product Line include O-Rings, O-Ring Kits, Splicing Kits, Cord, O-Ring Sizing Cone. 

Eppendorf O-Rings 

Eppendorf O-Rings are available in different materials and sizes. Learn More

Integra Companies Gaskets and O-Rings  

Integra Companies carries sealing products include James Walker biopharmaceutical products (sanitary gaskets and o-rings). Sealing solutions including sanitary O-Rings in a range of sizes and high performance materials. O-Rings are available in standard SAE AS568A sizes as well as custom sizes and shapes. Material choices include the full range of  pharma-grade materials such as Elast-O-Pure® EP75B, Elast-O-Pure® SIL Translucent and Elast-O-Pure® GF75 Black. Download comprehensive O-Ring guide  and Download O-Ring Gaskets Product Brochure.

Parker O-Rings and Seals    

Engineered Polymer Systems (EPS) design and manufacture engineered elastomeric, polymeric and plastic seals and sealing systems for dynamic applications. Composite Sealing Systems (CSS) designs and manufactures engineered seals and sealing systems consisting of metal and composite retained elastomeric combinations for static face seal applications and metal seals for extreme sealing environments. Engineered Seals Division (ESD) designs and manufactures engineered elastomeric shapes (both homogeneous and inserted), for sealing systems and isolation applications. Intergrated Sealing Systems (ISS) designs and manufactures homogeneous rubber, rubber-to-metal and rubber-to-plastic retained seals. The division specializes in innovative polymeric sealing systems – over-molded technology and the integration of multiple components into unitized assemblies. TechSeal Division (TSD) The TechSeal Division designs and manufactures engineered elastomeric extruded profiles, lathe cut and spliced/fabricated gaskets. Learn More.

AccuFlow Systems O-Rings 

AccuFlow System platinum-cured silicone and EPDM O-Rings are delivered with a Certificate of Compliance featuring a traceable batch number and cure date.  O-rings are also available in Viton®, Buna-N, CMPD and Kalrez®. Custom molding available. Learn More >>>>by downloading O-Ring Size & Selection Guide

ChemGlass Life Sciences O-Rings

ChemGlass replacement silicon O-rings for bioreactor components. 

Paw Bioscience (VWR BioProcessing Division) Sanitary Gaskets with Flanges 

PAW BioScience supply innovative seals from a fine pedigree of polymer compounds, such as seals in EPDM, Platinum Silicone, PTFE, & PTFE/EPDM composites.

Precision Polymer Engineering (PPE) Pharmaceutical/Medical Rubber Seals 

PPE offers a full range of sealing solutions for pharmaceutical and bio-analytical industries, including standard and non-standard sized O-rings, gaskets, butterfly valve seats and inflatable seals for ball segment valves. These are available in a range of elastomer material grades. In addition, Perlast® perfluoroelastomer medical seals provide the ultimate in thermal and chemical resistance. 

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions O-Rings and Seals

Trelleborg provide standard or custom-made O-Rings of all sizes. The rubber O-Rings are made of EPDM, FKM, NBR, HNBR, as well as our proprietary FFKM, Isolast®. Special products apart from rubber O-Rings such as O-Rings in PTFE based Turcon® material and Wills Rings® metal O-Rings are also available. It also provides the healthcare and medical industry include a broad range of custom and standard seal options based on elastomers including silicone, engineered plastics and metal technologies. Learn More.