Other SU Sensors for Fluid Management

Applcation, BIOSTAT B-DCU, BioPAT Xgas, BioPAT Trace, UniVessel Glass

Single-Use in-line sensors offer real- time monitoring and control of critical processes. They eliminate the need for cleaning, maintenance and recalibration associated with traditional, reusable technologies. Choices of single-use sensors include pressure, flow, temperature, conductivity, turbidity, UV absorbance sensors, etc. 

PendoTECH Single-use Sensors    PendoTECH in-line process sensors include sensors for pressure, temperature, conductivity, flow, U/V absorbance and turbidity sensors. They are available in a wide range of sizes and are versatile enough for single use or reuse. The PendoTECH monitors include the PressureMAT alarm and transmitter, connect to the sensors and seamlessly integrate with process control and data acquisition systems.  More information can be found through PendoTECH Temperature Sensor Data Sheet, SciTemp Temperature Sensor (Single-Use Pre-Calibrated),  PendoTECH Conductivity Sensor Data Sheet, PendoTECH PendoTech Flowmeter, PendoTECH PendoTECH UV Absorbance Data Sheet, PendoTech PendoTECH Turbidity Data Sheet, Supported by PendoTECH Data Acquisition System Data Sheet. 
SiLog (Parker Hannifin) Temperature and Conductivity Sensors SciTemp Temperature Sensor  The SciLog SciTemp sensor is pre-programmed and barcoded with a unique ID for easy traceability and data documentation when combined with the SciLog SciDoc software. Factory calibration data is also stored on each sensor’s chip for out-of-box, plug and play use. The SciTemp comes in 5 different sizes to fit a variety of tubing sizes: Luer, 3/8″ barb, 1/2″ barb, 3/4″ TC (Tri-Clover), and 1.0″ TC (Tri-Clover). SciTemp Temperature Monitors 2 temperature sensors and displays T1,T2 and Differential Temperature (DT).   SciCon Conductivity Sensor (Single-Use Pre-Calibrated)The SciCon combines temperature sensing capabilities with conductivity sensing capabilities in a compact, disposable, single-use package  The Sensor SciCon Conductivity Monitor provides auto range conductivity from 1 μS/cm to 200 mS/cm, with an operating temperature range of 0 – 50° C and a temperature resolution of 0.1° C. When connected to a PC using the SciLog SciDoc software, documentation of the sensor data can be completely automated.. 
Levitronix LEVIFLOW® Single-use Flowmeter LEVIFLOW® flowmeter series are designed for non invasive high precision flow measurements. The standard configuration of the LEVIFLOW® flowmeters consists of a flow sensor and a converter with a digital signal processor (DSP) for processing the sensor signals. Five flow sensor sizes are available to measure flows from the ml/min range up to 80 l/min. Various signals (analog, digital input and digital output) are provided and can be configured with a PC software. A two wire RS485 bus allows arrays of multiple flowmeters where sensor signals can be received by MODBUS protocol Reference .LEVIFLOW® flowmeter series, LEVIFLOW® Ultrasonic High Precision Single-use Flowmeter  
Optek Sinlge Use Cell (SUC) Opetek Single Use Cell (S.U.C.) is designed to optimize separation, purification, concentration and formulation processes in disposable chromatography and ultrafiltration systems. The S.U.C. is available in four different designs. Two versions are primarily for pre-column chromotography measurements (SUC 01/03) and two versions for post-column measurements (SUC 05/07) with optical windows for optek UV sensors. Learn More.
PreSens Self-adhesive Technology Eases pH Spot Integration  PreSens Optical sensors measure O2, pH, CO2.  These sensors are pre-calibrated and non-invasive. The pH spot sensors are compatible with glass and nearly all plastic surfaces; the spots are simply peeled off the release liner and then stuck to the inside wall of your container. Measurements are then taken contactless from the outside. After the experiments the self-adhesive sensor spots can be removed completely from the vessel.  Learn More >>>>about PreSense Sensors for Biotech &Pharma Industries.
BPE-Burt Process Equipment Signet Measurement BPE sensors include Flow meters, PH/ORP sensors, Monitor/Control transmitter, conductivity and resistivity, chlorine, DO2, and Turbidity Sensors can also be found at Burt Process Equipment: Signet Measurement. BPE also provides installation fitting, these including Plastic Fittings (inch), Plastic Fittings (Metric), Metal & FRP Fittings (in & mm).  
ABER Futura: Online Cell Mass Sensors ViaMass BioPAT®    Automated Biomass Measurement Using BioPAT® ViaMass BioPAT® is available through Sartorius. ViaMass is a system for measuring viable biomass in cell culture processes. The system is completely integrated into single-use bioreactors. It determines the biomass directly in line, reducing the need for manual sampling. Integrated into the bioreactor’s DCU control system, BioPAT® ViaMass permits automatic monitoring and control of viable biomass. It reduces the need for manual sampling, provide Real-time measurement of and feedback on viable biomass, and eliminates operator influence that occurs in manual biomass measurements. The multiple-use and single-use sensor products also available through Applikon Biotechnology, Aber Biomass products, such as ABER Futura instrument. Also see other Aber Futura Probes.
Finesse Single-Use Sensors  Finesse TruFluor® pH, Trufluor DO, and TruTorr™ pressure sensors have been specifically designed to optimize cell growth in single-use bioreactors.  pH and Do2 SmartPuck comprises dissolved oxygen, pH, and temperature sensors in a pre-calibrated, compact assembly. All Finesse Smart Sensors contain an embedded gamma radiation resistant SmartChip that holds factory calibration data and manufacturing lot and serial numbers, which can be part of the batch record when used with the blade transmitter. Finesse Smart transmitter blades such as TruSens, TruFluor® and TruTorr are designed for plug-and-play integration of pH / dissolved oxygen, pressure and temperature sensors into our G3 controllers. Also see link to Finesse Single-Use Sensor Solutions.  Finesse TruFluor® and TruTorr™ single-use sensors have been specifically designed to optimize process control in single-use bioreactors. Sterilizable Sensors such as TruDO and TrupH re-usable sensors provide high reliability and superior performance for cell culture and fermentation process monitoring.

Related Products

WIKA Calibration Technology  WIKA offers a broad product spectrum of calibration instruments for the physical measured values of pressure and temperature, and for electrical measured values. A multitude of specific patents ensure unmatched performance characteristics with many calibration instruments.  
Cole-Parmer In-Line Process Sensor System  Cole-Parmer offers disposable, single-use sensors for conductivity and pressure monitoring and control. Each system consists of a monitor and disposable in-line sensors. They are ideal for research and scale-up operations.  Also see Cole-Parmer Custom Temperature Probes and Cole-Parmer Flowmeters.  
Broadly-James Sensors Broadley-James offers a wide range of autoclavable and steam sterilisable pH, redox and polarographic dissolved oxygen sensors available on the market today. Many sensors are specifically designed for bioprocess applications, Learn More about Broadly James BioProcess Sensors.    

ESI Ultrapure Sinlge-Use Instrumentation

ESI Ultrapure offers a wide range of single use instrumentation, control systems and software for measuring, monitoring and data collection. Featured products include SumoFLow Single-use Coriolis mass flow meter, Entegris InVue CR288 Concentration Monitor, Entegris InVue NX-148 Concentration Monitor, SONOFLOW clamp-on flow rate sensor, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, SciLog SciCon conductivity Sensors, and LEVIFLOW flowmeter.