Overmolding Technology for Fluid Connection

Overmolding is an injection molding process in which one thermoplastic material is applied over another material to form one single part.  Overmolding can be applied to a wide range of thermoplastic materials and is increasing finding its way into the single-use technology market as the suppliers realize its potential benefits to single-use fluid path connections, such as increased strength, protect and improve a part or end product, while reduing cost, labor and materials.

Advantages of Overmolding

  • Improved component reliability by eliminating the needs for secondary steps (e.g., bonding, connection, assembly), therefor reduce operation and labor costs in manufacturing process.  
  • Overmolded components ensure proper alignment, provide integrally bonded connection with improved strength, realibility and product integrity.
  • Improved design flexibility, part strength and functional performance.
  • Elimiate potential bio-engress that can occur with use of cable ties and crimps.
  • Increase the productivity by reducing time, preventing product loss and contamination.

Meissner BioLink™ Modular Overmolding Technology              BioLink™ modular overmolding consists of two basic components: (1) lengths of BioFlex® TPE tubing with overmolded unitized end-fittings, and (2) polypropylene modules and filter adaptors injection molded out of the exact same resin as the bulk of filter product portfolio. All connections are created via automated welding processes that result in permanent thermal bonds between fluid path components with a smooth inner bore.  Learn More.
Advantapure AdvantaFlex® Molded Tubing Ends   AdvantaPure overmolded Tri-clamp ends use injection molded from Hytrel and polypropylene materials, available in size range from mini through 1-1/2” Tri-clamps, and can be can be applied to PVC, TPE, and TPR TPR tubing and hoses. Learn More.
Dow Corning Tubing Overmolding Technology  Dow Corning tubing and molded assemblies are customizable to meet customer’s specific design requirements, the assemblies include silicone tubing, molded silicone connections, and customer specified components. Also see Tubing and Molded Assemblies.  Learn More.
Gore Thermoplastic Tubing Assemblies Gore offers a family of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) tubing products to meet a variety of different pharmaceutical and bioprocess applications. TPEs are ideally suited for weldable applications as well as fluid transfer. Overmolded and stainless-steel end connectors can also be integrated into any of the GORE TPE Tubing for added processing versatility.  
TBL Performance Plastics Over-Molded Connections   TBL has developed an internal manufacturing capability for Over-Molded Sanitary Tri-Clamp® Connections onto  various brands of tubing, TBS offers a wide range of size options and materials, the products have smooth bore to eliminate product entrapment and maximum cleanability.  Learn More.  
Saint-Gobain Sani-Tech Ultra Sani-Link® Ultra Manifolds The Sani-Link® Ultra manifold Utilize Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics’ innovative SIB® (smooth inner bore) technology minimizes the need for fittings, connections or assembly, eliminating leak points and entrapment areas. Sani-Link® Ultra manifolds are compatible with Sani-Tech® Ultra 50 and Sani-Tech® Ultra 65 tubing, and can be manufactured as part of complete assemblies that are already gamma-irradiated for easy implementation. Assembly components can include filters, bags, tube clamps (e.g., Pure-Fit® TC) and sterile connectors (e.g., Pure-Fit® SC). Saint-Gobain Bio-simplex® provide many innovative connection solutions such as overmolded tee, cross, wye, septum, coupler, reducer, joints, and container closures. Learn More
Sealing Specialties Custom Molded Sealing Specialties offers custom molded rubber seals and components. Materials include all elastomer compounds in addition to rubber/metal and rubber/ plastic overmolding capabilities. The products include Composite Sealing Systems (CSS), Engineered Seals Division (ESD), and Integrated Sealing Systems (ISS). Learn More.
Holland C-Flex Molded Manifolds The C-Flex® molded manifold is a revolutionary follow up to Saint Gobain’s silicone equivalent, Sani-Tech® Sani-Link® manifolds. Both C-Flex® molded manifolds and Sani-Tech® Sani-Link® manifolds utilize smooth bore technology and eliminate the need for traditional fittings and cable ties. The difference is the TPE technology. C-Flex® molded manifolds can be autoclaved and gamma irradiated.  Learn More
Fluid Biosolutions Custom Assemblies  Fluid Biosolutions and Saint Gobain’s work collaboratively with customers to design application specific solutions that will meet various processing requirements. Featured products include Bio-Simplex® single-use molded assemblies, Bio-Simplex® tubing end assemblies, Sani-Tech® Sani-Link® manifolds, Sani-Tech® Ultra Sani-Link® Ultra manifolds.
Parker Fluid Management Systems Parker has in-house overmolding technology and offers process engineering solutions specifically focused on single-use systems, examples include final fill manifolds, sampling systems, bubble traps, waste containers, media preparation and buffering, and cold chain transportation solutions.  See Parker overmolding products and  Download Brochure.
Trelleborg Silicone Overmolding Overmolding offers a wide spectrum of possibilities for custom composite products in combination with: Thermoplastic components; Metal components; LSR components, and Silicone Hose. Learn More