Pressure Control and Regulation

Pressure needs to be regulated and controlled throughout the entire bioprocessing steps, including filtration, bioreactors, and chromatography applications. The pressure regulators in operation is usually comprised of a valve for pressure reducing or restrictive element, a sensing element (e.g., diaphragm or piston), and also a reference force element such as a spring. it is important that the regulator is installed and adjusted properly to ensure that it functions as intended.  

Oseco Pressure Intelligence Rupture Discs  

Oseco offer different Rupture Disk and Pressure Relief Device (PRD). Oseco’s Pressure Relief Device, or PRD, is designed specifically for clean agent fire suppression systems and is used for both tank and bottle protection.  The fast-acting rupture disc will open within milliseconds, making it an ideal solution when charging or transporting tanks and bottles containing clean agent suppressants, including HCF’s (hydrofluorocarbons), CO2, and inert gases.   

Fike Overpressure Protection  

Fike Products for pharmactutical market including Explosion Venting, Explosion Suppression, Explosion Isolation, Testing, Overpressure Protection. Fike offers a comprehensive selection of ASME, CE and 3-A rupture/ bursting discs, Complete line of overpressurization products designed for CIP/SIP applications as well as explosion protection solutions for all sanitary and pharmaceutical applications. High performance products to channel deflagration into a safe area and/or quickly suppress any explosive activity.

Spectrum Labs KrosFlo Digital Pressure Monitor  

KrosFlo® Digital Pressure Monitor is designed to monitor pressures in fluid processing, the Digital Pressure Monitor also serves as an multi-purpose lab pressure monitor. The monitor measures & displays pressures of feed, permeate, retentate and calculated pressure TMP is displayed.

Swagelok Measurement Devices 

Swagelok Measurement Device products include categories of Pressure Gauges, Pressure Transducers, Thermometers, Thermowells, and variable area flowmetersIndustrial Pressure Gauge helps to obtain accurate pressure measurement for industrial, ultra high-purity, and sanitary applications with a variety of Swagelok pressure gauges.

Thomas Scientific General Chromatography Hardware

Thomas scientific general chromatography hardware supplies a wide range of valves, fittings, cartridges, and tools from different manufactuers. 

TESCOM PharmPure™ Regulators

Tescom offers the Pharmpure line of hygienic ultra-clean pressure regulators for bioprocess applications.  Pharmpure regulators are made from barstock bodies and trim parts, eliminating the needs for mechanical polishing to achieve surface flatness.  Related information may also be found from Brochure: Pressure Control Solutions for Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Manufacturing.