Primary Packaging

Delicate biopharmaceutical products often need advanced packaging features to protect them from moisture, light, oxygen, and contaminants. Pharmaceutical primary packaging materials are defined as packaging materials that are in direct contact with the pharmaceutical product, they allow final presentation of the drug products, including vials, bottles, syringes, plungers, seals, stoppers, etc..  Pharmaceutical packaging is now changing at a rapid pace and it is growing market segment with many modern technological advancements.

Corning Pharmaceutical Technologies 

Corning Pharmaceutical Glass is uniquely suited to supply high-quality pharmaceutical glass tubing to meet the rigorous needs of the pharmaceutical packaging industry. Corning Pharmaceutical Glass operations in the United States and Europe manufacture a variety of clear and amber borosilicate glass tubing, which is converted into vials, cartridges, ampules and syringes for drug storage and delivery.

West Pharmaceutical Services    

West primary packaging products include Vial Containment solutions, Prefillable Systems, Self-injection Platforms, Cartridge Systems and Components, Reconstitution and Transfer System, Intradermal Delivery, and. Specialty Components.  West also offers films, coatings, washes and sterilization processes and services to enhance the quality of packaging components (Quality Enhancements) and mitigate the risk of contamination and compatibility issues.

Wheaton Biopharmaceutical

Wheaton Industries ampules are all glass containers that can be hermetically sealed to preserve sample purity and extend sample shelf life. WHEATON ampules are ideal for standards packaging, environmental and diagnostic standards, lyophilization and cryogenic storage. These ampules protect against sample contamination due to their tamper-evident seal. A Gold Band® on the stem of the ampule indicates that the ampule is pre-scored to facilitate snapping off the top of the ampule eliminating the need to file the ampule. The ampule line includes pre-scored, standard, glass Cryule® cryogenic ampules and Vacule® lyophilization ampules. Wheaton offer pharmaceutical Plastic Containers , Closures , Diagnostic Containers , Glass , High Recovery Vials , and Lyophilization products. 

Schott Primary Packaging

Shott provides Glass Primary Packaging in forms of Ampoules, Cartridges, Syringes, Vials, and Glass Tubing.

BD Pharmaceutical Drug Delivery Systems

BD Pharmaceutical Drug Delivery Systems  offers an extensive selection of solutions for biopharmaceutical industry, such as innovative prefillable syringes, self-injection systems and needle technologies, they are designed to protect, package and deliver drug therapies.

AmPac Pharmaceutical/Medical Bags

Ampac pharmaceutical/medical bags have developed innovative package solutions such as child-resistance, senior friendly packaging, autoclavable and foil and non-foil barrier structures. Ampac also provides a line of secure tamper-evident pharmaceutical packaging for protecting pharmaceuticals in the supply chain.

Gerresheimer Pharmaceutical Primary Packaging 

Gerresheimer Pharmaceutical primary packaging products include Bottles & Vials made of glass, Bottles & Containers made of plastic, Ampoules made of glass, Vials made of plastic, Syringes made of glass, Syringes made of plastics, and Cartridges made of glass.

Pall Corporation Formulation and Filling Solutions 

Pall formulation and filling products include Pryofree Glass Vials, Final filling systems and Needles, Sterile Filtration, Particle Measurement Standards, Ultra Clean Sterilizable Packaging, Air and Vent Filtration.  

Sharp Packaging Services  

Sharp Contract Packaging Solutions offer packaging solutions including Bottles, Blisters, Pouches, sachets, and stick packs. Oral thin film, vial labelling, Assembly and Labeling of Pre-filled Syringes, Assembly and labelling of auto-injectors, Serialization.  

Terumo Pharmaceutical Solutions

Terumo provide pre-filled syringe systems, needles, infusion devices and safety devices. PLAJEX™ – Pre-Fillable Syringes with Staked Needle device is designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of drug types including those requiring low reactive containers. –i-coating™ is Terumo’s proprietary coating that is applied to the surface of the stopper and bonded to the substrate. It is not a laminate and it remains flexible with the substrate.  Provides a silicone oil-free container for drug products requiring lower reactive surfaces.
This thin surface coating provides the unique gliding force for the syringe and stopper container closure producing a silicone oil free pharmaceutical solution.

Essentra Pharmaceutical Packaging

Essentra offers packaging solutions to promote and safeguard products. Products in Essentra Packaging Solutions include CARTONS, LEAFLETS, SERIALISATION SOLUTIONS, TAMPER VERIFICATION, LABELS, PRINTED PRIMARY PACKAGING, TAPES

IMA Pharma Primary Packaging

IMA Safe divisionoffers a full range of solutions and models for primary packaging requirements, such as Blister &Tray Packaging, Tablet and capsules counting, Tube filling and Jar filling.  It also offers many secondary packaging options.

Related Products

OPTIMA Life Science Modular Machines

Optima Life Science develops modular machine concepts as well as complete manufacturing and packaging systems for medical and pharmaceutical products such as transdermal patches, oral film strips, wound dressings or diagnostic test strips. Cutting-edge technologies are applied during the development of ImmuCoat production systems for immunoassays such as the ELISA Kits. In doing so, this ensures that all processes like coating, incubation, drying and packaging microtiter plates are possible. The GPM (Glove Packaging Machine) packaging machine was built to meet the specific requirements of the surgical market. The HDW, a high speed platen sealer, is the ideal addition to the glove machine series. The AGPM (Automatic Glove Placing Machine) provides additional assistance for positioning gloves.