Professional Organizations

AAPS American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists 
AAPSAmerican Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists
ASTM InternationalAmerian Society for Testing and Materials
BIOBiotechnology Innovation Organization
BPOGBioPhorum Operations Group
BPSABio-Process System Alliance
CASSSCalifornia Separation Science Society
EFPIAEuropean Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations
EMAEuropean Medicines Agency
FIBCAFlexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association
IFPMA International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations
IPECInternational Pharmaceutical Excipient Council of the Americas
ISPEInternational Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering
ISTAInternational Safe Transit Association
PDAParenteral Drug Association
PhRMAPharaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America
PQRIProduct Quality Research Institute