Safety Apparels and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Contamination levels in bioprocessing must be closely monitored and controlled to ensure product quality and protect production personnel safety from hazardous components. Cleanroom supplies such as cleanroom apparels and equipment are designed to improve the quality of biomanufacturing facilities, procedures and practices, Clean room apparel includes Blues/Tyvek, Lab Coat, Coveralls, Caps, Shoe Covers, Masks, etc.) and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) such as safety glasses, googles, and different types of gloves. They play a major role in bioprocessing and improve levels of contamination control. It is critical for cleanroom operators to select cleanroom apparel that provides not only the highest levels of inherent sterility and cleanliness, but also the greatest chances of maintaining that sterility and cleanliness through the gowning process.

3M Cleanroom Products

3M offer many cleaning and protecting products for commercial solutions, featured products include 3M™ Clean-Walk™ Mats, 3M™ Static Control Anti-Fatigue Mat.

Cleanroom World Cleanroom Apparel

Cleanroom World supplies cleanroom, lab, safety and ESD equipment. Products range from softwall cleanrooms, pass throughs, stainless steel gowning benches, cleanroom gloves and apparel, shoes, cleanroom mats, stainless steel tables and furniture.  Cleanroom Apparel products include coveralls, suits, Tyvek Garments, shoes, protective sleeves, aprons, lab coats, etc. 

DuPont Controlled Enviroments Apparel & Accessories

DuPont offers a full spectrum of cleanroom garments and accessories for greater safety, comfort, protection against contamination, and more. DuPont™ Tyvek® IsoClean® is offered in a wide range of design and processing options to protect wearer and process from chemical contamination; Tyvek® Micro-Clean 2-1-2 is a fabric-like material made from a patented flash-spinning process that creates an excellent barrier to dry particles, microorganisms, and non-hazardous liquids; DuPont™ ProClean® protective suits and garments are for applications where non-hazardous liquid splash is a consideration; and DuPont™ General Environment is made from a polypropylene SMS fabric that offers non-hazardous dry particle protection for applications where durability is less critical. Sierra™ masks is designed get both breathability, comfort and barrier protection for controlled environment.

ILC Dover Pharmaceutical PAPR 

The Sentinel Clear™ system features XT blower system coupled with Sentinel Clear™ panoramic hood, it is specifically designed for respiratory protection in life sciences applications including pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and lab research facilities. Related products include infectious disease PAPRS, CBRN PAPRS.

Thomas Scientific Apparel 

Thomas Scientific offers a broad collection of personal protection safety and apparels products. Apparel products include  Apparel, Aprons , Back Support , Boots , Caps , Coveralls , Cuff Tape , Elbow/Wrist Support , Frocks , Gowns , High Visibility , Knee/Ankle Support , Lab Coats , Masks, Hoods and Face Covers , Masks, Surgical , Scrubs  Shoe & Boot Covers , Sleeves and Oversleeves , Smocks , Suits , etc. Thomas Scientific also offers Eye Protection products such as Eyewear Cleaning Supplies, Safety Glasses, Goggles, Eyewash Stations, etc. Hand Protection Products include Laboratory Exam, Glove Liners, and  Special Application products. Ear Protection include Ear Muffs and Ear Plugs.

Cardical Health Gloves 

Cardinal Health offer a robust portfolio of medical gloves including surgical gloves, exam gloves and cleanroom gloves. Consumer products also offer Consumer gloves with materials selection of  Vinyl Exam Gloves, Vinyl with Neu-Thera®, Nitrile, Latex, etc.

Leica Biosystems Safety and Hygiene Products  

Leica Laboratory Consumables for general hygiene products have cryofect disinfectant spry, absorbs, and poly aprons. General Hygiene Consumables also include gloves such as Powderless Nitrile Gloves, Nitrile Gloves, Cut Resistant Gloves, and Safetyflex Steel Mesh Gloves.

Sklar® Protective Apparel

Sklar® protective apparel products include Bouffant Caps, Face Masks, Gloves, Gowns, Hood & Beard Covers, Shoe Covers, and  Surgeon’s Caps. Sklar also provide sterile disposables such as forceps, nippers, scissors, tubes, clamps, and more.

Terra Universal Products Cleanroom Equipment, Furnishings, and Supplies     

Terra’s complete line of cleanroom and gowning room equipment includes cleanroom storage systems, racks and shelving, garbing stations, a complete line of cleanroom reusable and disposable garments, and supplies such as wipes, gloves, paper, etc. Also other accessories include storage bins, dispensers and waste receptacles, etc.

Berkshire Cleanroom Products for Pharmacutical Industry  

Berkshire provides cleanroom products to avoid risk by adhereing to cGMP practices and lot traceability, a broad selection of Surface cleaning and contamination control products designed to meet the specific and essential requirements.

Kimberly-Clark Cleanroom Products   

Kimberly-Clark supply the industry with Kleenguard and Jackson Safety brand products, including disposable apparel, gloves, masks, and eye and face, head and hearing protection and welding products.  For cleanroom and controlled-environment needs, Kimtech brand apparel and gloves are designed  for head-to-toe process protection. The Scientific segment is also committed to enhancing sustainability by reducing packaging waste through an innovative recycling program known as The RightCycle Program for nontraditional lab and cleanroom waste, such as gloves and apparel.

VWR Cleanroom Protective Apparel

VWR can provide the complete solution for personal protection in controlled enviroment with a wide variety of options in each area, from head to toe with the latest in sterile garments to basic shoe covers. Available as Single-Use or Reusable, VWR Protection Apparel is uniquely tailored to help customers meet their demanding requirements  – view brochure to learn more.

PLX industries Cleanroom & Disposable Clothing

PLX industires offers clean room and disposable clothing at a low cost with many products to choose from, including coveralls, lab coats, sleeves, aprons, frocks, isolation gowns, shoe covers, bouffant caps, face masks, hoods, hair nets, beard covers, beard nets, and various types of caps. Many products are also vailable in multiple sizes, styles and colors.

Cleanroom Supply Products 

Cleanroom Supply provide a complete sources of cleanroom equipment, supplies, accessories, static control equipment, and material handling products. Learn More

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OPTIMA Glove Packaging

Optima Packaging systems for surgical Gloves include The GPM (Glove Packaging Machine) is designed for high quality internal and external packaging. The packaging machine was built to meet the specific requirements of the surgical market. The HDW, a high speed platen sealer, is the ideal addition to the glove machine series. The AGPM (Automatic Glove Placing Machine) provides additional assistance for positioning gloves.