Sensor Assemblies and Integrated Sensors

Single-use sensor assemblies and integrated sensors are a more ideal solution for the end-user to adopt single-use sensors in bioprocess assemblies. They can be delivered to the end user as part of disposable assembly or presterilized and individually packaged for aseptic connection to a process assembly.

GE Healthcare ReadyCircuit Sensor Assemblies   Sensor Assembly with a SciLog pressure sensor terminating with ReadyMate connectors. ReadyCircuit Sensors are preconfigured assemblies of standard temperature, pressure and conductivity sensors, ReadyMate aseptic connectors, and where applicable, reinforced silicone tubing. All sensors are compatible with their relevant “parent” SciLog, SciTemp, SciPres, or SciCon monitors. Read More   
PreSens Disposables with integrated sensors (O2 or PH)    PreSens provides chemical optical O2, pH and CO2 sensors. Presens also offer Sensor probes for oxygen, pH and carbon dioxide are designed to measure in small compartments or in very large vessels. They are applicable for micro-liter scale to production scale. Featured products including Ready-to-use Sensor Flasks.  .  Learn More >>>>about PreSense Sensors for Biotech &Pharma Industries.