Single-Use Aseptic Connectors

Sterile connection are critical requirements in any aseptic process operations. The benefits of using pre-sterilized single-use systems can only be realized when the products and components can provide safely and securely connection for fluid handling throughout product manufacturing. A number of single-use connectors are available now to help address industry demands for faster drug development, process reliability and improve manufacturing efficiencies. In particular, many single-use aseptic connectors are able to provide quick, easy and secure connection for two separated fluid pathways while maintaining the sterility of the fluid path even in unclassified environments. In addition, single-use steam-in-place (SIP) connector can provide sterile connections between a range of single-use systems and stainless-steel processing equipment where SIP needs to take place at the point of connection.

Pharmaceutical end users may create aseptic connections and disconnections within or between operation units in many different ways, all available options should be carefully considered and final selection may largely depend on the needs and preferences of the operation. Easy-of-use, gender vs. genderless design, reliably maintain sterile boundary are key factors to consider when selection a single-use aseptic connection product. Materials of construction, biocompatibility, chemical compatibility, flow rate/pressure drop, burst pressure, integrity testing, bacterial challenge, physicochemical properties, sterilization and shelf life should also be considered as factors to evaluate and qualify the connection technology for specific process applications.

Categories of Asseptic Connectors and Examples:

Gendered Aseptic Connectors Pall KPC connectorsSartorius Opta® connectors
Genderless Aseptic Connectors CPC AseptiQuik │Pall Kleenpak® Presto │GE Readymate
Steam-in-Place Aseptic Connectors CPC Steam-Through Connector │ Millipore Lynx ST │

Below items are some examples of commonly used commercial products, more detailed product information can be found at supplier’s website by click links through texts.

* Note that the products are displayed in random order and actual product selection should be based on end-user requirements for specific bioprocess.

Pall Kleenpak® Presto Sterile Connectors
Genderless Connectors with polyethersulfone (PES) body.
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Pall Kleenpak Sterile Connectors
Gendered Connectors with polycarbonate body.  
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Pall Kleenpak II Sterile Connectors
Gendered connectors for high volume transfer with polysulfone body.
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CPC AseptiQuik S Small format genderless 1/8″, 1/4″ and 3/8″ connectors provide for low-flow applications. Learn More
CPC AseptiQuik G Genderless connectors with white polycarbonate body, ¼”, 3/8”, ½”, ¾” sizes. Learn More CPC AseptiQuik C Genderless connector with white polycarbonate body, 1/2″, 3/8”, and 3/4” sizes. Learn More  
CPC AseptiQuik X Large format 1″ connectors provide quick and easy sterile connections for high flow applications. Learn More   CPC AseptiQuik DC Make quick and easy sterile connections and disconnections, even in non-sterile environments. Learn More  
CPC AseptiQuik STC Integration of AseptiQuik® sterile connector and the Steam-Thru® II Steam-in-Place connector. Learn More   CPC Steam-Thru Connections Quick and easy sterile connection with polysulfone body, both STC1 and STCII can withstand SIP process for high flow transfer. Learn More  
GE ReadyMate Disposable Aseptic Connector (DAC) ReadyMate Disposable Aseptic Connector (DAC), Dry-to-dry aseptic connection, genderless design, cross-size connectivity, scalable and easy to use. Learn More   Saint-Gobain Sterile Connectors PureFit ® SC Sterile Connectors Gendered connector that incorporates exclusive Pure-Fit® SIB® (smooth inner bore) technology and silicone valve design to provides a seamless fluid transition. Learn More  
EMD Millipore Lynx® CDR Connector (Connect, Disconnect and Reconnect) Designed to provide flexibility by enabling up to six connections, disconnections and reconnections of multiple flow paths. Learn More EMD Millipore Lynx® S2S (Sterile to Sterile) Connector A single-actuation, gamma- and autoclave-compatible disposable device with polysulfone body that connects sterilized fluid paths. Lear More
Millipore Lynx® ST Connector Allow one to integrate steamable hard-piped process (SIP process) equipment with disposable sterile fluid paths (Polyetherimide PEI body). Learn More Sartorius Opta® SFT Sterile Connector Available as gendered individual device for end-user assembly with silicone tubing (SFT-I) or TPE tubing (SFT-D), can also autoclaved. Learn More