Single-Use Aseptic Disconnectors

Various single-use sterile disconnectors are available in the market to provide secure, quick disconnection of sterile unit operations for higher operating efficiency and process reliability. Quick-disconnect coupling or fittings (sanitary design and luer-lock design) are commonly used with a range of tubing types and sizes, they provide fast, easy and secure connections when use in controlled environments. Aseptic disconnect couplings with shut-off valves do not require a controlled environment to maintain fluid sterility during or after their disconnection.

Determining the best disconnection product for a given application depends on a number of factors such as the composition of the process fluids, tubing types and size, flow requirements, and space availability for required operation systems. Additional factors to consider include material compatibility, product availability, supplier technical support, and validation requirements.

Below items are some examples of commonly used commercial products, more detailed product information can be found at supplier’s website by click links through texts.

* Note that the products are displayed in random order and actual product selection should be based on end-user requirements for specific bioprocess.

Kleenpak Sterile Disconnectors
Made of Polysulfone material, Kleepak sterile disconnector is easy to use, it provides stile disconnection of flexible assemblies, involving SUS as well as hybride systems.
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CPC AseptiQuik DC CPC AseptiQuick is all-in-one device offers both sterile connection and disconnection (white polycarbonate material). Learn More  
EMD Millipore Lynx® CDR Connector (Connect, Disconnect and Reconnect) It is designed to provide flexibility in single use bioprocessing by enabling up to six connections, disconnections and reconnections of multiple flow paths. Learn More EMD Millipore NovaSeal™ Pinch Pipe/Tubing and Crimping Tool The patented NovaSeal™ crimping tool crimps and cuts a metallic pinch-pipe on the exterior of tubing in one simple motion. They provides a sterile means for separating a disposable assembly by crimping and cutting a plastic tube at a chosen location. Learn More  
Sartorius Stedim QUICKSEAL® aseptic tube separation system The pre-installed QUICKSEAL crimp collar is affixed to the tubing material and a quick cut to provide aseptic disconnection. Learn More Sartorius Stedim Clipster® Aseptic Disconnector Clipster® Aseptic Disconnector is available in 3 sizes: XS, S and L, for tubing from 1/8″ x 1/4″ to 1/2″ x 3/4″. Learn More
Thermo Scientific Pinch-and Cut Disconnections The pinch-and-cut disconnection provides a simple method of sealing and disconnecting a tube  of the sample BPC. It is used in Three60 Sampling devicesLearn More >>>>  
 U.S. Plastic Corp Quick Disconnect Coupling & Inserts U.S. Plastic Corp.® carry many types and sizes of quick disconnect couplings and inserts including non-spill couplings, sub-miniature couplings and many more. Learn More >>>>  Nordson MEDICAL offers six families of quick connect fittings (quick disconnect couplings): the RQC Series – BioProcessing Quick Connects, the RQX Series – BioProcessing Quick Connects, the MQC Series – Dual Latch Quick Connects, the XQ and PQC Series – Thumb Latch Quick Connects, and the SBL Series – Side Latch Quick Connect products.  Learn More
Integra Companies Aseptic Disconnect Coupling  HFC39 Quick Aseptic Disconnect Couplings is an easy-to-use thumb latch design provides a secure, leak-free connection as well as enabling one-handed disconnects. Also available from USP Corp.
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ThermoFisher™ Nalgene™ Quick Disconnect  ThermoFisher Nalgene Valved Barbed Quick Disconnects   Consists of barbed fitting on each end and internal valve in the middle, which seals when the fittings are removed, are ideal for use in developing in house fluid transfer syste. Also see Nalgene™ HDPE Quick Disconnects