Single-use Pressure Sensors

Pressure is an important process parameter in many bioprocess unit operations and shuld be monitored properly. Single-use pressure sensors deliver a dependable alternative to stainless steel pressure transducer, they are ideal for monitoring chromatography processes, glass and disposable bioreactors, normal flow/TFF filtration, filling operation and more.

Pendotech Pressure Sensor    PendoTECH’s Single-use Pressure Sensors measure static and dynamic pressure of gases and liquids. The sensors feature PendoTECH High Accuracy Pressure (MEMS-HAP™) chips , they are available in caustic-resistant polysulphone to withstand sanitization processes. PendoTECH’s pressure sensors, which are qualified for use up to 75 psi, are compatible with PendoTECH’s PressureMAT™ monitor/transmitter (PressureMAT™ Sensor Monitor), PendoTECH’s Process Control Systems or other pre-qualified third-party monitors. More see Single Use Pressure Sensor Data Sheet
SciLog (Parker Hannifin) SciPres Pressure Sensor (Single-Use Pre-Calibrated) The SciPres is preprogrammed and barcoded with a unique ID for easy traceability and data documentation when combined with the SciLog SciDoc software. Factory calibration data is also stored on each sensor’s chip for out-of-box, plug and play use. The SciPres comes in 5 different sizes to fit a variety of tubing sizes: Luer, 3/8″ barb, 1/2″ barb, 3/4″ TC (Tri-Clover), and 1.0″ TC (Tri-Clover). SciPres Pressure Monitor provides three sensor inputs for measuring up to three SciLog pressure sensors (P1, P2 & P3) simultaneously. The sensor readout permits the user selectable display of differential pressure (DP) and trans-membrane pressure (TMP). Learn More.
Meissner SGT (Single-Use Gauge Tee) Meissner’s SGT employs a TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) diaphragm which allows standard sanitary pressure gauges and transducers to be attached to a single-use system, while maintaining sterility of the system and eliminating cross contamination concerns. The SGT gauges and/or transducers can be aseptically removed from the system for offline calibration during processing when necessary. More details see SGT
Nordson Medical SF Series Instrument Tees Nordson Medical single-use instrument tees are available in 1/2″ and 3/4″ tubing IDs, and suitable for silicon and TPE tubing. The configuration is a standard 1.5″ TC style interface on the instrument side and tee style for the fluid path. The fittings also utilize Nordson MEDICAL’s popular 600 series barb. Reference SF Series Datasheet  
Spectrum Labs Single-Use Pressure Transducers’s polycarbonate and polysulfone single-use pressure transducers are designed to accurately measure feed, permeate, and retentate pressure during Tangential Flow Filtration process. Learn More

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