Spare Parts

Spare parts may include spargers, shafts, seal housing, diptubes, sprayballs, impellers, CIP wands etc.  Spare parts are important during the life-cycle of a machine and it is recommend that user create a dedicated stock of parts in order to minimize downtime.

ABEC Spare Parts     

ABEC’s database of hundreds of preferred suppliers allow for one-stop-shopping, including Custom spare parts, including Custom spare parts kits (prepackaged and sealed), Spargers, Shafts, Seal Housings, Diptubes, Sprayballs, Impellers, CIP Wands. ABEC also offer equipment and parts repair services.

Applikon Biotechnology

Applikon spare parts including O-ring, septums, medium inlet, stoppers, sensor holders, sampling, clamps and autoclavable parts for bioreactors.

Rubber Fab Products   

Rubber Fab Sight Gauges are sturdy and perform well in high-stress applications. Hose Fittings & Adapters offers a full line of sanitary hose fittings, adapters, non-metallic fittings, hose crimping collars and sanitary fitting end caps. Fittings are available in 316L stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, electropolished and in exotic materials such as Hastelloy C22, C276 and Alloy 20.  Rubber Fab offers a wide variety of high puritynon-metallic sanitary fittings for the Bio/Pharm industry. Also see Gauge Guard Protector and Pump Replacement Parts for more products.

Swagelok Spare Parts and Accessories  

Spare parts and accessories for tubing have a variety of tube supports and hangers, tube benders and tube cutting and preparation tools. Spare parts and accessories for filters include Filters and Strainers, Broad range of gasket and element kits available.

AccuFlow Systems Spare Parts 

AccuFlow Systems offer spare parts from Aquasyn. Aquasyn bonnets are manufactured from stainless steel that is machined to exacting tolerances to provide reliable, long-service life. Each bonnet features Tork-Tite feet, which precisely match the profile of the weir on the valve body to provide a fixed diaphragm position, preventing leakage and ensuring consistent flow control. AccuFlow Systems Stainless Steel Components & Accessories offer stainless steel fittings, Clamps, Sight Glass, Centrifugal pumps, tubing and Hangers.