Temperature Regulators and Fluid Handling Accessories

Many accessories are available in current market to support the function and performance of single-use systems. For examples, heat exchangers use stainless steel plates to regulate single-use bags. The bags provide the sterile, isolated flow path for process fluid while the plates have separate, isolated flow paths for the heating/cooling fluid. This provide sterile heat transfer that can integrate into any process. Automatic inline dilution systems can be found in many processes including chromatography systems, cleaning systems, solvent and pH adjustment. They show advantages such as improved capacity, high solution accuracy, less footprint, and better process qulity controls. It is important to understand the limitations of these products in order to maximize their benefits and avoid interruption when used with selected single-use systems.

Entergris Fluid Handling Accessories  

Entegris offers a variety of fluid handling accessories include aspirators, PFA fasteners, gauge protectors, heat exchangers and numerous spray products. The pHasor® X heat exchanger provides maximum heat transfer for process fluids while preserving absolute fluid purity. It is ideal where controlled fluid temperature is desired or fluid temperature must be to the point of use. Entegris Liquid Packaging  solutions include FluoroPure® high-purity transport drums and NOWPak® liner based systems, each designed to maintain safety, reliability and integrity. Also see products for additional fluid handling accessories

ThermoFisher Scientific Heat Transfer 

The Thermo Scientific™ DHX™ Heat Exchanger is a modular single-use system that easily integrates into any new or existing process. The BPCs fit tightly between stainless steel plates, efficiently transferring heat in a counter-current flow path. The sterile, single-use fluid path makes the system an ideal choice for heat transfer during fermentation, collection of harvest media and protein processing. The DHX™ Heat Exchanger provides efficient, sterile heat transfer that easily integrates into any process.

Asahi Kasei In-line Buffer Dilution  

IBD™ 1K Inline Buffer Dilution System offer another option for buffer blending technology that can produce dilute buffers on-demand with the ability to control pH and conductivity simultaneously. IBD™ Custom Solutions is a customized IBD™ Inline Buffer Dilution Systems provide fast, accurate buffer handling for downstream applications

GE Inline Conditioning System for Process Chromatography

GE Inline Conditioning System includes not only dilution (conditioning) of buffer concentrates to desired concentrations and the generation of buffers from several concentrates mixed with WFI (and sometimes also different salts), but also covers adjustment of sample (conditioning so the sample has correct pH and/or conductivity) before it is loaded to the next step. Learn More

LEWA Process Technologies In-Line Dilution Systems

LEWA offers In-Line Dilution solution for methods including Buffer In-Line-Dilution for LPLC processes, Liquid-to-Liquid precision blending, Point-of-use dilution out of concentrates (reduce tank farm size), Solid-to-Liquid precision blending, Media prep for GMP cell culture, In-line dilution as an integral feature of GMP EcoPrime LPLC systems. LEWA Process Technologies can provide both standardized platform products and customized solutions.

Pall Corporation Cadence Acoustic Separator  

The Cadence™ Acoustic Separator (CAS) enables the continuous removal of CHO cells and cell debris using a Cadence single-use acoustic chamber to achieve clarification of harvested cell culture fluid (HCCF) ready for downstream processing. It is based on Acoustic wave separation (AWS) technology and provide a robust single-use primary clarification solution that delivers quality that is equivalent to centrifugation without commonly faced scaling, footprint and cleaning issues.