Tube Welders

Tubing welders provide alternative methods for aseptic connection with thermoplastic elastomeric tubing. They are useful for connecting tubing between sterile containers, bioreactor bags, and process equipment.  Tubing welders use heated, replaceable blades to permanently connect two separated tubing together while maintain sterility of the path. Several tube welders on the market can weld TPE tubing of various types and sizes with short cycle times (min.). Easy to use, ability to weld wet, dry and/or filled tubing, user friendly interface, and validation requirements are some of the key factors to consider when choose a welder for targeted bioprocess application.

Below items are some examples of commonly used commercial products, more detailed product information can be found at supplier’s website by click links through texts.

* Note that the products are displayed in random order and actual product selection should be based on end-user requirements for specific bioprocess.

GE Healthcare Life Sciences Sterile Tube Fusers    Sterile Tube Fuser-Dry is an automated device for welding together dry thermoplastic tubing in an aseptic operation. The unit can connect a wide range of tubing diameters (up to 22.2 mm OD, 7/8 in; dry only) for the rapid and safe transfer of large volumes (Learn More).  Sterile Tube Fuser-Wet is an automated device for welding together thermoplastic tubing with fluid in an aseptic operation.  The unit can connect tubing diameters (1/4 in and 7/16 in, OD).  Learn More   
Sartorius Sterile Connections – BioWelder® Total Containment     The BioWelder® TC is a fully automated device for connecting thermoplastic tubing.  It allows sterile connection of dry or liquid filled TPE tubing from 1/4’’ up to 1’’outer diameter. Standard programs are ready to use for C-Flex® 374, PharmaPure®, AdvantaFlex®, SaniPure® and PharMed® tubing (not for 1/8′ x 1/4′).  Learn More >>>>  
Saint-Gobain C-Flex® Connect-Flex® TPE Tubing Welder The Connect-Flex® tubing welder can weld TPE tubing ranging in size from .375″ through .750″ OD without changing any fixtures. It has short welding cycle time and uses filtered air. The unit is lightweight, easy to load and an LCD panel steps the user through the loading, welding and release segments of the cycle. Connect-Flex TPE Tubing Welder is also available through Holland Applied Technologies and Fluid Biosolutions.  Learn More
Saint-Gobain Sani-Tech® SIB®3 Smooth Inner Bore Welding System Sani-Tech® SIB®3 Welding System is designed for Sani-Tech® High Purity Piping. The SIB®3 fusion system is simple to operate, utilizing a PC-based interface with a user-friendly touchscreen with onscreen prompts and directions. SIB® technology ensures a smooth inner pipe surface for minimal maintenance, with no areas for entrapment or beads to obstruct flow. The system is also available through Fluid BiosolutionsLearn More   
New Age Industries AdvantaTube® Sterile Welder for TPE Tubing    The AdvantaTube Welder has been designed to optimally work in all AdvantaFlex® TPE tubing applications including wet, dry, or fluid filled tubing.  Learn More  Note: AdvantaPure is no longer offer this product. Similar unit may be found from Vante Welder and  
TERUMOBCT SCDIIB Sterile Tubing Welder With the SCD IIB welder isis a compact, automated, light instrument and requires no software. The SCD IIB welder has the capability to create both wet-to-dry and dry-to-dry tubing connections in just a few simple steps. Also available from Cellon Tubing Welders.  Learn More.
MGA Sterile Welder The MGA sterile welder is a equipment aimed for the welding of two C-Flex® type flexible tubes. A complete range of devices with their accessories are available. It offers differents formats for flexibles to connect from 1/4″ to 1″. Additional features include aseptic connections without dead zones. The product is developed with and for Sanofi Pasteur.  Learn More
Vante® 3960 Sterile Tube Welder Vante® 3960 Tube Welder  is a stand-alone automated table top device that requires minimal user interface. The unit incorporates self-controlled heating operation and temperature monitoring as well as an automated mechanical assembly to perform the tube welding operation. It is compatible with TPE, Sanipure, C-Flex, PVC tubing with size range from 3/8” OD to ¾” OD. The tubing can be wet, dry or fluid filled.  This unit also avilable from Cellon tubing welder product line.