Tubing Sealers

Biopharmaceutical manufacturing process often need retain and store samples or bioprocess fluids, and tubing in the bag assemblies or manifolds must be permanently sealed without breaking sterility. Heat sealer adhere tubing inner wall to inner wall using heat and compression to prevent leakage and contamination, without the need for a laminar flow cabinet or similar environmental control equipment. When select a sealer, it is important to know the material which will be sealed. Tubing materials such as silicone cannot be heat sealed and require other close methods to stop flow, for examples, use of mechanically applied fittings or connectors. Other materials like thermoplastic elastomers work very well in typical heat-sealing processes but the sealing process usually need to be validated. 

Below items are some examples of commonly used commercial products, more detailed product information can be found at supplier’s website by click links through texts. * Note that the products are displayed in random order and actual product selection should be based on end-user requirements for specific bioprocess.

GE Healthcare Life Sciences Hot Lips Tube Sealer   The Hot Lips Tube Sealer is a fully automatic, portable device that can heat-seal thermoplastic tubing from 6.4 to 31.8 mm OD. The Hot Lips Tube Sealer is preprogrammed for many brands of tubing and can be automated for validatable operation. Hot lip Tube Sealer II are now also available. Reference Hot Lipe Tube Sealer operation Manual and Learn More about this product at GE Healthcare Life sciences.
Saint-Gobain C-Flex® C’eal-Flex® TPE ultra sealer BSaint-Gobain C’eal-Flex® TPE Ultra Sealer is a small, fast and effective tubing sealer, it can be used to seal C-Flex® and other thermoplastic elastomers, as well as other materials including TPV, TPU and PVC. It’s compact, portable and easy to use. C’eal-Flex TPE Ultra Sealer for C-Flex Tube is also available through Holland Applied Technologies and Fluid Biosolutions.  Learn More 
Sartorius SSB BioWelder® TC | BioSealer® The BioSealer® is a fully automated device, designed to produce permanent and consistent leak free seals on thermoplastic tubing such as C-Flex®, Advantaflex®, FluiSoft®, SaniPure™ and PharMed®. It can be used to tubing size from ¼” to ¾” with sealing cycling of 1-4 minutes.  Read BioSealer® brochure for more product information and  Learn More   
New Age Industries AdvantaTube® Aria Sealer             Sealing AdvantaFlex® TPE tubing is fast and easy with the AdvantaTube Aria Sealer. It offers a compact design, simple operation, reliability, and portability. It offers remote starting from the sealing head and can seal tubing up to 1″ O.D. There’s no external compressed air required and can be used for fulid filled tubing. Learn More  Note: Advanta Pure is no longer offer this product line.
Vante TPE Sealer System Vante tube TPE tueb sealers include Vante 4160 and 3160 models. Vante 3160 is portable and seals thin wall tubing from 0.125 to 0.375 inch OD.  Vante® 4160-series TPE Tubing Sealer is portable sealer that equipped with a remote cycle-start feature for remote tube sealing capabilities. The system consists of the Model 4160 Controller and interchangeable sealing heads – Model 4161 Sealing Heads for thin-wall TPE tubing (.250 to .688 inches OD), and Model 4162 Sealing Heads for thick-wall TPE tubing up to 1-inch outside diameter (.375 to 1.00 inches). Reference Datasheet Vante TPE Tubing Sealer for more information and Learn More about the product. This product also available from from Romynox.  
MGA Aseptic Tube Sealer The tube sealer is used in clean rooms to disconnect two process equipment linked with a C-Flex type® flexible tube. All life residing both sides of the sealing is destroyed with the flexible thermofusion and the temperature holding, providing safe and sterile disconnection.Device adapted to disconnect pharmaceutical flexibles type C-Flex® of different sizes. Learn More
Meissner Tube Sealers Meissner tubing sealer line provide several options for customer specific process needs. Featured products include standard dual tool sealer (DT-100), large bore dual tool sealer (MT-100), and thermoelectric sealer (TESV2).  These products provide options to remotely seal up to 1-1/2″ OD tubing, the ability to seal multiple small bore tubes in a single cycle with fast sealing speeds. See tubing sealer spec sheets fro more information.
Paw BioScience (VWR Bioprocessing Division) Genesis Tube Sealers Genesis Tubing Sealers are light weight and portable, providing rapid and highly integral tubing seals. The sealing cycle is very short and can be performed on dry as well as fluid filled tubing. customer can select an AC powered or a battery powered system.   Learn More
OriGen Tube Sealer Biosealer Tube Sealer is battery operated sealing unit for EVA, PVC/EVA coextrusion and PVC blood bag tubes or sets for cryopreservation. This tube Sealer is comprised of 3 components: Sealing handle with 6′ coax cable; Power unit with batteries and control unit monitored by microprocessor; and battery charger. SeeTube sealer Data Sheet for more information.
Cellon Tubing Sealer Cellon offers  systems for connecting and disconnecting of TPE (thermoplastic elastomeric) tubing like EVA, PVC, C-Flex, Advantaflex with size ranging from 6.4 to 25.4 mm OD.  Cellon Sealers for tubing disconnections include Vante 3160 Sealer, Vante 4160 sealer, and Vante 4600 RF sealer