Venting and Gas Filtration

Sterile air/vent filters are required in a number of biopharmaceutical applications such as venting of bioprocess bags, bottles, tanks, lyophilizers, and autoclaves. They are also improtatnt in providing sterile air to bioreactors/fermenters, filling machines and closed bioprocessing.  The air/vent filter capsules used for sterile processing should contain gamma stable membrane and hardware. Many hydrophobic membranes are made of PES, PVDF, PE or PTFE membranes with Polyproplyene capsules. While PES, PVDF, and PE can be gamma sterilized, PTFE membrane has much less resistant to gamma irradiation therefore has to be autoclaved or steamed for sterilization. Also, the ability to integrity test these capsules without the use of solvents (e.g., use WFI instead) can also be a benefit,  since it is difficult to remove residule solvents from these systems.

W.L.Gore Filtration Solutions for Life Sciences       

Gore products are designed to improved airflow, increased yield, faster processing time and enhanced process security. Sterilizing-Grade Vent Filters  are designed to improve productivity by minimizing tubing kinking and other handling issues, they feature small size and light-weight, available for use in small-scale sterile gas filtration.  GORE® Fermentation Air Filters  enable high flow, while hydrophobic expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) membrane air filters are designed to provide filtered feed-air free of aerosolized bacteria and bacteriophage for large-scale industrial bioprocessing

Parker Pharmaceutical Gas Filtration and Sterile Venting   

Parker domnick hunter have an extensive range of solutions encompassing filters, integrity test methodologies and system designs to ensure the quality of final product.  Parker TETPOR range of sterile gas products are constructed from naturally hydrophobic PTFE and are validated against bacterial and bacteriophage challenge.  Sterile gas filters are available for high temperature applications and aggressive gases such as ozone when venting ozonated water tanks.  In addition, Parker provides products for gas prefiltration and particulate removal filters. See more Parker Domnick Hunter Process Filtration products.

Pall Venting and Gas Filtration    

Pall® filters for pharmaceutical air and gas service (Venting and Gas Filtration) are optimized for use in prefiltration of compressed or pressurized gases, and sterile air or gas filtration to completely remove particles and droplets plus microorganisms like molds, yeasts or bacteria and even viruses and phages. Pall® filters for air and gas service are available in a range of proprietary-manufactured hydrophobic filter media, including PTFE and PVDF (for single-use system applications) as well as glass fiber, polypropylene, cellulose and porous stainless steel. Pall® air and gas filters can be sized to meet a wide range of flow and pressure drop requirements, from sterile venting in the laboratory to small process flows in pilot operations, from compressed air flows in process scale operations to full scale air supply in large scale aerobic fermentations at ambient or elevated temperatures. Relative products include  Disposable Vent Filter,  Acro® 50 Vent Filters, HDC® II Membrane in Kleenpak™ Capsules for Gas Applications,  PSS® Porous Metal Filter Cartridges,  PMM® Metal Membrane Filter Cartridges.     

Millipore Sterile Gas Filtration  

Millipore offers a range of filter membranes and formats including cartridges and self-contained disposable configurations for vent filtration. Products include Aervent®, Aerex®, Hydrophobic Durapore®, Millipore Express® SPG.

Entergris Gas Filtration and Purification  

Whether for point of use or bulk gas delivery, in chamber or on wafer, in the cleanroom or on a tool, Entegris has a long history of providing high-performance gas and air purification and filtration products to meet your needs. Featured products include AMC filters, Gas Diffusers, Gas Filters, Gas Purification Systems and Gas Purifiers.

Sartorius Air/Gas Filters  

Sartorius air | gas filters are suitable for the sterile venting of autoclaves and filling equipment etc. Another typical application is the sterile filtration of fermenter and bioreactor inlet and outlet gasses. Brands include Midisart® filters that are available with PTFE (autoclavable) or PES (gamma-irradiatable | autoclavable) membrane. Sartofluor® capsules, and Sartovent® filters. Air & Gas filters can be integrated into filter transfer set (e.g., tubing and connectors) for sterile connection to customer process equipment.  Housing and Accessories include Air Filter Housings, Venting Filter Housings, Removable Heaters, and Filter Integrity Tester

GE Healthcare Life Science Venting Filters   

Our Whatman hydrophobic venting filter range consists of Polyvent and Sterivent options. Polyvent and Sterivent are available in disc and capsule formats ranging from 25 mm discs to large size capsules. Our HEPA-VENT and HEPA-CAP ranges with glass fiber filter media are available as 50 mm discs and in three capsule sizes. Many of the capsule vent filters come with a variety of end fittings for easy connections.

3M Vent/Air Filtration for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing 

3M LifeASSURE™PFS Series are PTFE filters that offer absolute microorganism retention for air and gas streams while providing high air flow rates. Hydrophobic PTFE membrane that will not become blocked by foaming or moisture.

Saint-Gobain Zenpure Pureflo Hydrophobic Polyetheylene Filters

PureFlo® Polyethylene filter capsules are highly retentive hydrophobic membrane filters with PE membrane in an all-polypropylene construction, providing excellent chemical compatibility and superior flow per unit area. No adhesives, binders, or surfactants are used in the manufacturing process and all cartridges are rinsed with high-purity water to reduce extractables and downtime. All filter capsules are 100% integrity tested for critical processes.