Viral Filtration

Biopharmaceutical manufacturing using mammalian cell culture must have processes in place to minimize the likelihood of virus contaimination and demonstrate the virus removal capabilities. Regulatory authorities expect purification processes to include multiple steps with complementary, or orthogonal, methods for virus reduction including inactivation and separation or removal. Virus filtration or Nanofiltration is a key unit operation and recogonized as one of the most efficient and robust virus removal steps. Viral filtration is normally achieved through direct flow, virus is removed based on size of the pores in the membrane which allows protein solution passthrough but prevent passage of virues. Recent progress has been made to fully automated, single-use viral filter products, they are well designed to allow fast performance combined with good virus capture, offer high filter areas, increase flow rates and throughputs.  Depending on the filter selected, virus remove operation flow may consists of Pre-use integrity test, virus removal filtration operation, and post-use integrity test.  

Pall Viral Clearance 

Pall Viral Filtration products including Virus filtration Pegasus™ Prime virus filters and Pegasus™ SV4 filters. Virus Prefiltration products include Pegasus™ protect, Fluorodyne® II DJL, and Pegasus™ ULV6 virus prefiltration. Specialist virus filtration include Ultipor® VF UDV20 and DV50 Virus Filters. In addition, Emflon® II and Emflon PFR air filters are validated for the removal of bacteriophage and can play an important role in virus control strategy. Other related products include , Kleenpak™ Nova Sterilizing-grade and Virus Removal Capsule Filters, Pall Kleenpak™ Nova Capsules and Cartridges with Pegasus™ Prime Virus Removal Filter Membrane , Pall Microdisc Capsules with Pegasus™ Prime Virus Removal Filter Membrane, Pall Microdisc Capsules with Pegasus™ Protect Virus Prefilter Membrane, Pall Mini Kleenpak™ Capsules with Pegasus™ Prime Virus Removal Filter Membrane, Pegasus™ SV4 Virus Removal Filter Membrane in Kleenpak™ Nova Filter Capsules, Pegasus™ SV4 Virus Removal Membrane – Mini Kleenpak™ Capsule Filterability Tool,Ultipor® VF Grade DV20 and DV50 Virus Removal Filter Membrane in Novasip™ Capsules, Ultipor® VF Grade DV20 Virus Removal Filter Membrane in Minidisc Capsules

Millipore Virus Filtration  

The Viresolve® Pro Solution  is comprised of a Viresolve® Pro Device (parvovirus retentive filter) in conjunction with the Viresolve® Pro Shield or Viresolve® Pro Shield H prefilter to remove fouling species such as protein aggregates, providing high parvovirus LRV, capacity and flux.  Also see more information at Viral Filter for Bioprocessing.

Asahi Kasei Virus Removal  

Asahi Kasei Virus Removal Filters  including Planova™ 15N, 20N & 35N Virus Removal Filters and Planova™ BioEX  are naturally hydrophilic properties of the cellulose membrane also allow for high permeability to protein. Other related products for Virus Removal include Asahi Integrity Test Solution Kit, Planova™ Leak Tester, Virus Filtration Controller, Custom VF Systems, and Asahi Gold Particle Test System, and Asahi Integrity Test Solution Kit.

Sartorius Virus Filtration  

Sartorius virus filtration technology assures the most reliable virus retention even under challenging process conditions. Virosart® HF virus filter is a compact, efficient read-to-use filter. Virosart® Max is the platform virus prefilter of choice. Virosart® CPV is PES membrane based virus filter that provides high flow rate and superior capacity. Virosart® HC virus filter is also based on PES membrane for hydrophobic feed streams . These filters can be scaled up or down in minisart capsules®, Midicaps®, or Maxicaps® formats. Virosart® Max is the platform virus prefilter of choice.