Wall Pass-Through Technology

Single-use passthrough technology offers complete isolation between manufacturing enviroments (e.g., one room to another room) when transferring fluids through a single wall portal. It allows quickly and efficiently move large volumes of fluids aseptically from one area to another without the need to physically move tanks and totes, therefore minimizing the risk of damages, leaks and lost of pharmaceutical products. Ideally, the technology also accommodates multiple lines of fluids, purge ports can be incorporated to introduce filtered air and create positive flow, thus minimizing cross-contamination riks.

New Age Industries AdvantaPass® Pass Through Technology  

AdvantaPass® Cleanroom Pass Through Technology is a patented system that permits the aseptic transfer of fluids between the walls of pharmaceutical manufacturing suites (AdvantaPass Brochure). It offers complete isolation between different classes of clean rooms when transferring multiple lines of fluid through a single stainless steel pass-through wall portal. AdvantaPass® pass-through technology brochure.

Getinge Isolation and Containment 

DPTE® Rapid Transfer Port System enables the user to introduce material into, or to extract material from a closed barrier, or to connect two devices with identical environments (e.g. isolators) without affecting their ambient characteristics. The DPTE® system is based on the interaction of two separate units – “Alpha” and “Beta” – each fitted with a door, a lock and a sealing function. The Alpha unit is mounted on a support (e.g. an isolator surface), while the Beta unit is movable and seals off a container, a transfer isolator or any other suitable device. Related products are DPTE® Alpha, DPTE BETABAG®, DPTE® Containers. The Transfer Leak Tester system (TLT), housed in a stainless steel case with casters, provides leak testing of DPTE® containers quickly and efficiently both before and after connection.

Sartorious Aseptic Transfer Systems  

Sartorius Stedim Biotech offers single-use bags, aseptic ports and equipment for isolators, RABS and cleanrooms. The aseptic transfer systems are suitable for upstream and downstream as well as aseptic processing applications. SART System™ Sartorius Aseptic Rapid Transfer System is designed to allow aseptic liquid transfer between two areas with different containment classifications. The SART System™ consists of an external port, an internal port and a disposable connection device – Gammasart ATD™. Biosafe® Aseptic Transfer Equipment is for isolators, RABS and cleanrooms. In addtion, Biosafe® Aseptic Transfer Single-Use Bag is designed to fit requirements for aseptic transfer of fluids, components, or powders.

Terra Universal Cleanroom Pass-Through Chambers

Terra manufactures comprehensive lines of Cleanroom Pass-Throughs (also known as Pass-Through Air Locks, Chambers or Transfer Hatches) to simplify contamination-free transfer of materials in and out of a classified environment. Terra can custom configure pass-through chambers or air locks to meet special requirements for sizes, materials and features—call to discuss your requirements.